Gov. Tony Evers during the State of the State speech, Jan. 22, 2020. (Photo © Andy Manis)
Evers Vetoes GOP’s ‘Tough on Crime’ Bills

Schism between DEMS, GOP stark, with GOP pushing “tough on crime” bills, DEMS preferring gun measures

Tempest Oyster Bar in Madison  (Photo by Clove Zanoya-Harris)
Fish Fry Friday: Our Official State Meal

Lent and beyond, as many varieties as Wisconsin has lakes

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales reads the names of the five victims of Wednesday's MolsonCoors shooting during a Thursday afternoon press conference. (Screenshot from WITI-TV)
Victims Named, Inaction on Guns Slammed

Five MolsonCoors employees killed by co-worker with history of conflicts

The Miller Brewery in Milwaukee, part of MoulsonCoors, as seen in a 2013 image. (Shutterstock)
Update: Brewery Shooter Identified

Electrician at MolsonCoors reportedly had frequent disputes with a co-worker

Image via YouTube
Trump Does Nothing Following Yet Another Mass Shooting in America

"Our hearts break for [the victims] and their loved ones. We send our condolences. We’ll be with them."

Law enforcement vehicles formed a large perimeter around Milwaukee's MolsonCoors campus Wednesday after a mass shooting left six people, including the shooter, dead. (Photo by Jonathon Sadowski)
The Sermon I Was Planning to Give Before the Milwaukee Shooting

When bad news threatens to drown us, we must be each other's life preservers

Gov. Tony Evers addresses reporters following the mass shooting Wednesday at MolsonCoors, previously Miller Brewery, in Milwaukee. (Photo from WITI-TV)
Hours Earlier, an Evers Plea on Guns

Not far from brewery, governor had reacted to continued GOP inaction on gun violence

The Miller Brewery, part of MolsonCoors, in Milwaukee's "Miller Valley" as shown in a 2013 image. (Shutterstock)
Leaders, Candidates, Competitors React to Miller Shooting

From thoughts and prayers to slamming inaction on gun safety