‘Mean Girls’ Moment for GOP Staffer and Lobbyist Mocking Two Democratic Women on Live Video Feed
Whispers and chuckles while calling a legislator “ding-dong” and implying her staffer lacks “emotional capacity.”
In this screen grab of video from WisconsinEye, Cameron Sholty (center) from the Heartland Institute and a former Capitol staffer and Bill Neville (right) from Rep. Chuck Wichgers’ (R-Muskego) office hold a conversation about two Democratic women during a break in a committee hearing.
Steve Cotherman is the manager of the Washburn Cultural Center and proud curator of the Vinyl Vault. He is happy to send anyone home with a stack of classics. (Photo by JT Cestkowski)
If You Love Records Shops—Washburn’s Vinyl Vault is the Perfect Musical Retreat

Throwback hits keep historic bank-turned-cultural center alive.

Wonewoc camp
From a Summer Camp for Spiritualists to a College for Mediums, Wisconsin’s Spirited History Persists Today

Spiritualism peaked in the mid-19th century, but the belief in communicating with the dead persisted much longer here.

Wisconsin’s Shipwreck Coast gets national recognition

Lake Michigan sanctuary holds 36 wrecks, with another 60 undiscovered.

Lumberjacks stand around the remains of a purported "hodag" in this    1893 photo.
From the Wendigo of the Northwoods to the Beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin is Haunted by Legendary Ghosts and Ghouls

Here are a few spooky tales to tell around the campfire before the snow flies.

Emanuel Montalvo cuts Aaron Feria's hair on Oct. 12 at The Lounge Barbershop in Arcadia. The barbershop is one of a growing number of Latino-owned businesses in the Trempealeau County city that is home to a fast-growing Latino population. (Photo by Julian Emerson)
As Latino Populations Increase, Communities Are Also Seeing a Growth in Latino-owned Businesses

The Latino population is the fastest growing in the state, resulting in places like Arcadia — a tiny city in Trempealeau County — seeing a marked increase in Latino-owned businesses, like barbershops and restaurants.

La Casa de Esperanza Charter School Teacher Jesus Avila leads his class in a traditional Aztec drumming performance. The charter school is just one of the many educational missions of La Casa de Esperanza, a nonprofit that has served the Waukesha community for more than 50 years. (Photo by Cara Spoto)
La Casa de Esperanza Has Served the Hispanic Community in Waukesha For Much Longer Than a Lot of People Might Think

Agency has served the Latino Community and others in need for more than 50 years

The post-war economic boom of the 1950s and 60s sharply increased Wisconsin crop production. In this photo from the Wisconsin Historical Society, Latino farm workers hoe a cucumber field near Wautoma in 1967.
From Farms to Factories to New Businesses, Latinos Have Made a Mark on Wisconsin’s Economy for More Than a Century

'Impossible to talk about the state's economic health' without giving credit to decades of workers and new residents.

A photo of the Fall Creek School District building in  Eau Claire County. Gina Kildahl, a parent whose 7-year-old son contracted COVID-19 while attending the school, recently filed a lawsuit against the district for failing to implement masking requirements and other precautions aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus. (Photo courtesy of the Fall Creek School District)
Mom Who Sued Over Lack of COVID Protections in National Spotlight

Gina Kildahl sued Fall Creek School District for not protecting her 7-year-old son and other students from COVID-19.