About Us

About UpNorthNews

UpNorthNews is a locally-based digital source of Wisconsin news, fact-based information, and people-centered stories designed to give often-overlooked audiences concise, relevant information about how the issues being debated in Madison and in Washington will impact their daily lives.

Our Values

The media ecosystem in our country has changed and has led to rampant disinformation that has influenced millions of people, causing widespread distrust in our democratic institutions, in the facts — and in each other. Without trust, America’s future is under threat, including the ability to build a country, a government, and a society that works for everyone.

We seek to increase civic pride and participation by providing the media ecosystem with informed, localized coverage of important issues and people across the state in order to empower and inspire Wisconsinites to take part in their democracy.

We believe local journalism is both a service to our community and a statement of pride. We are unabashedly Wisconsin proud and driven to highlight our state’s greatest qualities as well as our daily challenges. 

We hold a set of values that guide our reporting on the issues most important to the communities we serve. Those values include the following:  

  • Our reporting will be rooted in facts, science, and the communities our newsrooms serve.
  • We will strive to tell the truth and will tell you when we get it wrong, because we believe that good information is the lifeblood of democracy, and that democracy will fail when factual journalism is out of reach. 
  • We will be intentional about centering the voices of the people in our communities, using our platforms to amplify their experiences and opinions, especially those who are most impacted by the issues being decided by their elected officials. 
  • As a civic news organization, our journalists will focus their reporting around efforts to strengthen communities, rebuild struggling economies, expand access to health care or child care, address the climate crisis, and end inequality in all forms—and covering the leaders championing those efforts.
  • We will be relentless in our coverage of attempts or actions to undermine the will of the people, voting rights, or ballot access, including reporting on the individuals advancing those efforts. 
  • We will never manufacture “both sides” to our stories by giving equal weight to conspiracy theories or junk science. We will always provide proper context in our reporting to help ensure we don’t continue the spread of misinformation or disinformation.
  • We will be committed to holding accountable elected officials or politicians who betray our values, cause harm, or seek to cause harm to the communities we serve. 
  • We will not use political jargon, but will work to break down inaccessible political language for our audiences.
  • We will publish our content where our audiences are; when they move to new platforms or technologies, our brands and journalists will follow. 
  • We will prioritize hiring and contracting reporters, editors, and producers who live in the communities we serve, and we will remain committed to staffing our teams and sourcing our stories with the people who reflect the diverse and inclusive country in which we reside.


About Courier Newsroom

UpNorthNews is a part of Courier Newsroom, a civic media company composed of eight state-based newsrooms dedicated to reporting on the issues most important to building more informed and engaged communities. The managing editor of each site, in addition to Courier Newsroom’s editor-in-chief, has sole discretion and control over the editorial process.

Courier Newsroom is driven by a set of values that ensures we hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards, and the voices of the people in our communities are always centered in our reporting.

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