About Us

UpNorthNews is a digital source of Wisconsin news and fact-based information created to help grow the ranks of democracy’s most valuable asset: the well-informed voter. We seek to increase civic pride and participation by providing informed, localized coverage of important issues and people across the state in order to empower and inspire Wisconsinites to take part in their democracy.

UpNorthNews is part of Courier Newsroom, a network of state-based news outlets guided by a mission to inform and inspire the millions of Americans affected by cutbacks in state and local news coverage. Courier Newsroom is a for-profit media company with progressive non-profit ownership and editorial staffing rooted in public service journalism.

Our Values

UpNorthNews is a progressive news site: We believe in the worth and potential of every person no matter their background, party label, or bank balance, and that all agents and institutions of power should be measured by their impact on the greater community. 

The decline of local and state news coverage from traditional media outlets is having a negative impact on civic participation, and we believe this is best addressed by creating a new generation of digital outlets that provide news and storytelling that is true, comprehensive, and compelling. 

We believe local journalism is both a service to our community and a statement of pride. We are unabashedly Wisconsin proud and driven to highlight our state’s greatest qualities as well as our daily challenges. 

Our Staff

Pat Kreitlow, Managing Editor

Jessica VanEgeren, Associate Editor

Julian Emerson, Reporter

Jonathon Sadowski, Reporter-Shooter