(Image by Morgaine Ford-Workman)
Why Wisconsin Needs Fair Maps Now

It’s not just another political debate. Gerrymandered maps are an obstacle to the bipartisanship that would create policies and priorities more in line with Wisconsin values.

Graphic by Francesca Daly, Photograph courtesy of Johntay Young
Wisconsin Workers Have ‘the Opportunity to Build Middle-Class, Unionized Careers’

“The Biden administration’s infrastructure investments are creating a lot of trades jobs here in Wisconsin,” Johntay Young, an industrial apprenticeship instructor in Milwaukee, writes in an op-ed.

Retired Moderate Republicans Call for More Collaboration to Benefit Western Wisconsin

Former US Rep. Steve Gunderson and former state Sen. Dale Schultz write about the need for bipartisanship as the better path than ideological obstruction for solving today's challenges.

Sad hospital patient
Pandemic Relief Helped Millions Needing Health Insurance. Only Congress Can Ensure Their Coverage Won’t Expire.

A Wisconsin nurse educator describes her situation, facing a debilitating illness as employer-provided health insurance went away.

Clean Energy Is the Future—But to Get the Most Out of It, Wisconsin Workers Should Build the Infrastructure

Green energy requires fewer workers to operate, so it’s vital that construction for these industries be done by local workers with high quality standards.

Ron Johnson Moms
These Wisconsin Moms Have Mother’s Day Suggestions for Sen. Ron Johnson

A wish list from seven moms for a senator whose actions have made life harder for Wisconsin families, especially during the pandemic.

Supreme Court abortion protest
Rebecca Cooke: Repealing Roe Opens the Door to Vigilantes and Politicians Criminalizing Women and Doctors

Congressional candidate comments on the potential for reproductive freedom to be replaced with mandated pregnancies and restrictions on basic health care.