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July, 30, 2022: 5th Annual Hmong Wausau Festival via Shutterstock
Legislators: We Are Taking Steps to Honor the History and Contributions of the Hmong, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Communities

A historic public hearing brings the state closer to ensuring education goals include their heritage and experiences.

Old World Wisconsin Sleigh Ride
Old World Wisconsin Provides a Historical ‘Home for the Holidays’

The spirit of Christmas past is found through settlement-era buildings relocated from throughout the state.

Wisconsin Historical Society
What Can Change in a Century? 20 Photos of Wisconsin from the ’20s.

Whether you were alive to see it, or just curious about our state's history-- here's a glimpse of what Wisconsin life looked like a century ago.

Courtesy: US Navy
Pearl Harbor Through Wisconsin Eyes: Stories from the State’s 150 Survivors

Most of us weren't alive-- or old enough to remember-- December 7, 1941. So we rely on the recollections of the 150 Wisconsin soldiers who witnessed the infamy firsthand.

From Restoring Reproductive Freedom to Saving Social Security: Democrat Mandela Barnes, on How He’d Improve Your Life

Wisconsin's Lt. Gov and Democratic nominee for US Senate Mandela Barnes talks about his background, why voting matters, and his fight to restore reproductive freedom and protect Social Security.

Clockwise from top left: Pharmacist's Mate Second Class John Bradley, Gen. Robert McCoy, Staff Sgt. Russell Klika, Gen. Arthur MacArthur, Jr.
From Gettysburg to Iwo Jima to Iraq—Wisconsin Soldiers Played a Role in Keeping America Free

For the first Fourth of July in 20 years, the US isn’t involved in any active wars. But many veterans continue to fight their own battles—and you can help.

Rob Novak
Raise a Glass to Old World Wisconsin—the Showcase of Settler Life Will Show Off the Old Styles of Brewing

Half a century after opening, the state’s historical society site will open a working brewhouse to teach the many ways immigrants brought the craft to their new world.