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Gov. Tony Evers signs the 2021-23 state budget bill. (Contributed photo)
Republican Budget Bill Heads to the Governor’s Desk Amid Calls for Evers to Veto It

Gov. Tony Evers must decide what to do with a budget that uses much of a record surplus on tax cuts for the wealthy, makes cuts to the UW System, kills a childcare affordability program, and fails to eliminate an 1849 abortion ban.

(Graphic by Morgaine Ford-Workman)
Wisconsin’s Infrastructure in Need of Repair, but GOP Blocks Funding

We elect leaders who will spend our tax dollars wisely. Throwing billions toward tax cuts for the super-rich does nothing to keep roads and bridges from crumbling and tumbling.

State Capitol dome interior
What a Waste: Squandering Most of a Massive Budget Surplus on Tax Breaks for Millionaires Robs Wisconsin of So Much

Republicans in the Legislature didn’t surprise anyone by taking the most fiscally irresponsible position possible with $7 billion, but it still stings to see how a win-win deal was right in front of them and then rejected.

The Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. (Photo by Jonathon Sadowski)
Republicans Want to Spend $3.5 Billion on Tax Cuts for the Very Wealthy

Legislators will face harsh criticism for giving $0 to a childcare program, broadband expansion, more stable health insurance coverage, and family leave while cutting the UW budget to pay for millionaires’ big break.

FILE - State Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (left) and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (right) speak at a 2021 news conference about education spending. (Screenshot via WisconsinEye)
A Sneak Attack by Republicans Would Have Undermined Technical College Funding If Not Discovered

Republicans sought to remove local accountability and leave funding for technical colleges up to the whims of lawmakers in Madison each session.

Poll workers Angela and Zach Achten check-in a box of absentee ballots in the gym at Sun Prairie High School on Election Day. The entire gym was dedicated to counting the absentee ballots. The state's top election official again defended the integrity of the ballot-counting and entire election process in Wisconsin Thursday. (Photo by Andy Manis/Getty Images)
What Else Did Republicans Eliminate from the State Budget Bill? A Bipartisan Plan to Help a State Elections Office Under Siege.

Trump’s 2020 lies sparked a massive surge in records requests and complaints. Republicans and Democrats on the Wisconsin Elections Commission agreed on the need for extra assistance, but GOP lawmakers in the legislature killed a request for help last week.

Bob Spindell Fake Elector Feature Image
Democrats Demand Ouster of Elections Commission Official for Bragging About Suppressing Voters of Color

Bob Spindell, chair of the 4th Congressional District Republican Party, said he won’t quit despite the uproar over an email he sent celebrating reduced Black and Hispanic turnout in Milwaukee.