Ron Johnson Goes There—Says Social Security and Medicare Should Face a Renewal Vote by Congress Every Year

Millions of Americans would face uncertainty each year about whether they’ll receive the benefits they helped pay for throughout their working lives.

3CD Map Dem Primary Heads
Dem Congressional Candidate Brad Pfaff, Like the Retiring Ron Kind, Not Keen on an Assault Weapons Ban

Kind was one of only 5 Democrats to oppose reinstituting a ban on new semi-automatic weapons. Pfaff cites “culture of hunting” in taking a position in the highly-competitive western Wisconsin district.

Mandela Barnes vs. Ron Johnson
Mandela Barnes Emerges as the Senate Nominee After Every Primary Opponent Drops Out in Less Than a Week

The lieutenant governor becomes the Democrats’ presumptive challenger to Sen. Ron Johnson as Nelson, Lasry, and now Godlewski all drop out and seek a united front for November.

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‘Big Lie’ Advocate Admits to Fraudulently Seeking Others’ Absentee Ballots—as a Way to Claim Fraud Exists

But the far-right advocate didn’t get the ballots of two public officials because the system worked. The Racine County Sheriff gives the crime a wink while advancing his own “Big Lie” claims.

Kleefisch, Michels, Ramthun debate
The Republican Candidates for Governor Try to Have It Both Ways on Family Leave, Abortion, and the 2020 Big Lie

Kleefisch, Michels, and Ramthun provide supportive words but are more vague about what would actually happen in Wisconsin if any of them were to defeat Tony Evers and take power.

Trump Vos Plane
Trump Tries Yet Again to Pressure Wisconsin’s Top Republican into Illegally Throwing Out 2020 Election Results

Even as the Jan. 6 Committee meticulously outlines the ways the former president tried without merit to overturn his loss, Trump called Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to wrongly claim a state Supreme Court ruling undoes his defeat.

A Tammy Baldwin Initiative Has Provided a Makeover and Big Improvements to a Hotline for Americans Facing a Crisis

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can now be found by dialing or texting 988—putting people in touch with mental health support. Veterans lives will be saved, says a Wisconsin official.