La Follette Godlewski
Sarah Godlewski Appointed Secretary of State Following Doug La Follette’s Surprise Resignation

Gov. Tony Evers appointed Godlewski, the former state treasurer, to fill the rest of the nearly four-year term La Follette won in November—ending a tenure that first started in 1974.

SCOWIS candidate, Enbridge pipeline spill
Conservation Voters Group Says They’re Mobilizing for the Spring Elections Like Never Before

Former Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly’s existing record is reason enough for Wisconsin Conservation Voters to conduct its largest-ever voter outreach effort, but other local races also deserve voters’ attention, the group’s deputy director said.

Tony Earl
Former Gov. Tony Earl Passes Away at Age 86

A lengthy record of military, city, county, and state service was capped by his 1982 election. He is being remembered for environmental stewardship and his pioneering advocacy for gay rights.

Supreme Court candidates
Why the Law School Wisconsin’s Conservative Supreme Court Candidates Attended Is Concerning

While two of the candidates attended prestigious schools in our state, two others got their law degrees from a school still run by a TV preacher who said past disasters happened because God is punishing America over abortion.

Bob Spindell Fake Elector Feature Image
Democrats Demand Ouster of Elections Commission Official for Bragging About Suppressing Voters of Color

Bob Spindell, chair of the 4th Congressional District Republican Party, said he won’t quit despite the uproar over an email he sent celebrating reduced Black and Hispanic turnout in Milwaukee.

‘Courts Are About People’: Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Election Will Play a Major Role in the Rights of its Residents

Judge Chris Taylor, a former legislator who’s running for the Court of Appeals, is reminding voters of the many issues that come before state Supreme Court justices and the impact they have on protecting, expanding, or removing your rights.

The federal government has been shut down by Republican actions in Congress three times in the past ten years. Now Congress itself is crippled by a House of Representatives that cannot begin operating while Republicans remain deadlocked over choosing a Speaker. (Image via Shutterstock)
It’s Not That ‘Nobody Wants to Work’ — It’s That Too Many GOP Politicians Won’t Show Up for Work

The Republicans’ battle for Speaker of the House is the natural result of wanting to “prove” government doesn’t work—by refusing to do the actual work of governing.