Opinion: It’s time for Congress to fight for small businesses instead of big corporations

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By Penny Fassler

April 26, 2024

May is National Small Business Month. Our elected leaders need to show leadership all year long.

For the past 27 years I’ve been fortunate to pursue my dreams as a small business owner in La Crosse. Running a business is tough, but through the ups and downs, nothing compares to the opportunity to be a part of this community, build relationships with our customers, and support our economy. That’s why, as we head into National Small Business Month in May, we must also call on our members of Congress, including US Rep. Derrick Van Orden, to support small businesses across the country.

Small businesses are at the heart of Wisconsin’s economy – over 460,000 small businesses employ nearly half of the state’s workforce. But it’s more than that: we’re vital parts of main streets and downtowns, creating vibrant communities that people can be proud to call home.

Despite everything small businesses do for our state, we still see federal policies that could severely impact our ability to succeed. Last year, Congressman Van Orden voted for the “Default on America” Act, which would’ve cut resources and incentives for small business owners and future entrepreneurs, making it tougher for people to keep their doors open or pursue their passion.

Congressional Republicans are still pushing government funding proposals that will seriously harm small businesses, lowering funding for the Small Business Administration by millions, and slashing assistance for thousands of small businesses. I’ve been there – starting a business isn’t easy, and resources like these can make the difference between success and failure.

But while funding for small business resources are at risk, it’s a different story for big corporations. Congressman Van Orden has joined his colleagues in supporting measures to scale back enforcement and let big corporations who refuse to pay their fair share of taxes off the hook. Why are we rolling out the red carpet for big corporations and the ultra-wealthy while cutting back on support for small businesses?

When we fully fund resources for entrepreneurs and support working families, we can build and maintain businesses in our communities.


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