Here’s your guide to the best fishing spots in Wisconsin

Here’s your guide to the best fishing spots in Wisconsin

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By UpNorthNews Staff

June 20, 2024

These 15 fishing spots are worth casting a line in.

Are you ready to reel in the big one? Look no further than the stunning state of Wisconsin, home to some of the best fishing spots in the country. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, Wisconsin has something for everyone. From the majestic Lake Superior Lowland to the untouched fishing havens of the Western Upland, there’s no shortage of angling opportunities waiting to be explored. Join me as we dive into the top fishing spots in Wisconsin and discover the beauty of fishing in this water wonderland!

Best Fishing Spots in the Lake Superior Lowland

Swallow Point at Sand Island, Apostle Islands. Mammatus Clouds in the Sky. This is one of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin

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Ready to cast your line into the legendary waters of the Lake Superior Lowland? This region is a treasure trove for anglers, offering an unparalleled variety of fishing experiences. Let’s dive into the must-visit spots where the fish are always biting, and the scenery is just as breathtaking as the catch!

1. Apostle Islands

First on our list is the Apostle Islands, a cluster of natural gems scattered across Lake Superior’s crystal-clear waters. The diverse fish population, from lake trout to salmon, ensures every cast could bring a thrilling surprise. You’ll want to plan your trip depending on the season because this will impact what type of fish you can catch.

2. Chequamegon Bay

Next, we drift over to Chequamegon Bay. Chequamegon Bay is where smallmouth bass, walleye, and northern pike make their rounds, just waiting for a skilled angler to challenge them. This bay offers a fishing experience that’s as fulfilling as it is exciting. If you’re wanting to go smallmouth bass fishing, be sure to head out there May-August. 

3. Brule River

And let’s not forget about the Brule River, a haven for fly fishermen. With its flowing currents and vibrant ecosystems, the Brule River is renowned for its steelhead and brown trout. It’s a place where patience and skill are rewarded with some of the most satisfying catches.

Best Fishing Spots in the Northern Highlands

A right angle shaped wooden dock in Eagle River, Wisconsin. This is one of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin

The Northern Highland areas are brimming with fish just daring you to cast your line! This is a region where every angler, regardless of skill level, can find their little piece of fishing paradise. Let’s hook into the hidden gems that make the Northern Highland a must-visit for anyone with a fishing rod and a love for the great outdoors.

4. Eagle River Chain of Lakes

First up, we can’t talk about the Northern Highland without mentioning the iconic Eagle River Chain of Lakes. Picture this: over 28 interconnected lakes, each with its own unique ecosystem, creating the largest freshwater chain of lakes in the world. Whether you’re trolling for musky or casting for panfish, the Eagle River Chain offers endless opportunities for that perfect catch, not to mention the breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky every evening.

5. Lake Minocqua

Next on our journey is Lake Minocqua. This lake is a bustling hub for musky, walleye, and an impressive array of panfish. Imagine navigating through the serene waters, surrounded by the beauty of the Northwoods, as you wait for that next big bite. It’s an angler’s dream!

6. Turtle Flambeau Flowage

Finally, we drift into the tranquil waters of the Turtle Flambeau Flowage. This sprawling body of water is a testament to the beauty of preservation, offering some of the best catch-and-release fishing in the region. With its abundance of walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike, the Turtle Flambeau Flowage is a hidden jewel where the water mirrors the sky, and every cast feels like a moment of Zen.

Best Fishing Spots in the Central Plain

A scenic Autumn view of Fond du Lac's lakeside park over the water inlet from Lake Winnebago. This is one of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin

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Who’s ready to dive into the heart of Wisconsin and uncover the angling treasures it holds? The Central Plain is a mosaic of fishing delights, each spot offering a unique charm and a promise of unforgettable catches. Let’s cast our lines into the waters that define the very essence of fishing in Wisconsin.

7. Lake Winnebago

First on our adventure is the mighty Lake Winnebago. In the early morning mist, surrounded by the expansive beauty of Wisconsin’s largest inland lake, Lake Winnebago is a haven for those chasing walleye, perch, and the legendary sturgeon. 

8. Fox River

Next, we meander along the banks of the Fox River. This flowing beauty cuts through the Central Plain with a grace that only Mother Nature could orchestrate. Here, smallmouth bass and catfish play hide and seek among the waters, offering anglers a playful challenge. 

9. Castle Rock Lake

Our journey wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Castle Rock Lake. With its tranquil waters and abundant fish, this lake is a peaceful escape for those looking to reel in bass, walleye, and panfish.

Best Fishing Spots in the Eastern Ridges & Lowlands

Sunset, Lake Geneva Wisconsin. This is one of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin

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If you haven’t cast your line at the Eastern Ridges & Lowlands, are you even fishing? This slice of angling paradise beckons with open waters and a promise of tales waiting to be told. Each spot is a chapter of its own, offering a fishing journey unlike any other. Let’s dive into what makes this region a fisherman’s dream!

10. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva’s calm waters is where you can pursue musky and bass. Be sure to know your seasons before you go. Walleyes, for example, are more active during summer nights. 

11. White River

Then we meander to the serene flows of the White River. This isn’t just any river; it’s a ribbon of dreams for anglers. Home to trout, walleye, and smallmouth bass, every bend and flow whispers secrets of the next big catch. It’s where patience meets reward, and the beauty of nature serves as the perfect backdrop for your fishing escapade.

12. Pewaukee Lake

And, ah! Pewaukee Lake, our hidden gem. Here, walleye, musky, and panfish await beneath the surface, playing coy with every angler who dares to challenge them.

The Western Upland’s Untouched Fishing Havens

Oh, the Western Upland, a region where nature’s beauty remains largely untouched, whispering secrets of hidden fishing spots to those who seek them. Ready for an adventure? Let’s dive in!

13. Black River

First, the Black River, meandering through the lush landscapes of the Driftless Area, offers a serene escape for trout enthusiasts. You can also encounter musky, walleye, and smallmouth bass. 

14. Mississippi River

Then, there’s the mighty Mississippi River, a behemoth of biodiversity. With its wide array of fish species, from bass to catfish, it’s a playground for anglers seeking variety and excitement. Each cast here is a new story waiting to unfold, offering a thrilling mix of anticipation and joy.

15. Lake Onalaska

And we can’t overlook Lake Onalaska, a hidden treasure where trophy walleye and bass lurk beneath the surface. The calm waters of this lake provide a perfect backdrop for those moments of reflection between casts, where the world seems to stand still.

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