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Former state Rep. Adam Jarchow is a prolific tweeter and Trump critic, but you’d never know from his account now.

Running for office but nervous that a truckload of past tweets might cause heartburn for voters?

There’s an app for that. Kind of.

A report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel outlines the many Twitter posts that have been deleted by former state Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-Balsam Lake), a candidate for state attorney general. An outspoken social media user, Jarchow has reportedly deleted many of his older tweets—many critical of former President Donald Trump and his untrue claims about the 2020 election—and has installed an app that deletes new tweets after 30 days.

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In a statement, Jarchow told the Journal Sentinel reporter his old tweets and quotes “have been reviewed and reported on at length.”

As a result of that past reviewing and reporting—including a fresh batch of screenshots of his old tweets—Jarchow’s use of the TweetDelete app only goes so far in addressing a truism of the social media era. 

The internet is forever.