3 Wisconsin Cheese Shops to Visit on a Budget 

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By Fiona Hatch

July 13, 2023

Where to find Wisconsin’s best cheese for a fraction of the price!

Wisconsin has an impressive number of cheese shops around the state, but finding ones that sell their cheese at an affordable price point is more challenging. These are some of our recommendations if you’re shopping on a budget. 

Wisconsin Cheese Mart

For the quality of the cheese, Wisconsin Cheese Mart’s prices are hard to beat. The most expensive cheese in the store is the rare 26-year-old aged cheddar, coming in at $57 dollars for 4 ounces. However, the vast majority of their selection comes in under $15 for 8 oz. on average. If you aren’t sure which to try first, this store also offers several platter options that cost $40-50 dollars for 24 oz. of various cheeses. 

Our favorite bargains at Wisconsin Cheese Mart:

Alp and Dell Cheese Store

Alp and Dell is a beautiful shop in Monroe, about an hour South of Madison. With everything from the traditional cheddar bricks and curds to goat or sheep cheeses, Alp and Dell’s wide variety of artisan products has something for everyone–and almost everything costs less than $20 dollars. Even a few of their cheeses imported directly from Switzerland cost between $15-18 dollars/pound! Tip: Shop in-person to grab a free sample(s) before you check out!  

Our favorite bargains at Alp and Dell:

Ehlenbach’s Cheese Chalet

Ehlenbach’s is a family-owned and operated cheese shop in DeForest that’s beloved across the entire state. All cheese is sourced from Wisconsin farmers, and some of its selection is smoked on-site. With options for any taste palate (and budget) and a homely environment, there isn’t much more to ask for! 

Our favorite bargains at Ehlenbach’s:

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Bottom Line

You don’t have to break the bank to explore the world of Wisconsin’s gourmet cheese! If you know what to buy and where to look, there is plenty of artisan cheese across the nation’s dairy state to choose from that will get your palate out of the grocery store and into the local farms!


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