Visiting a new cityFeeling adventurousOr just can’t make up your mind? Those are a few of the reasons 145 million users turn to Yelp every month to find the best restaurants in local communities. 50% of people ‘Yelp’ a business before going there. So many that, yes, it has become a verb! was the 44th most-visited website in the world in 2022. We decided to look at its impact in Wisconsin by breaking town the highest-rated and most-reviewed restaurants in the state’s 10 biggest cities.

NOTE: Some Yelp suggestions are slightly outside of defined city limits. (For example, a Middleton restaurant may appear in a Madison search.) We still included those in our lists to represent a greater area.

Highest-Rated: Flavor Cycle, The Lafayette Place, Pat’s Ribs Place
Most-Reviewed: Blue’s Egg, Mad Rooster Cafe, Cafe Benelux

Highest-Rated: Kettle Black Kitchen, Caracas Arepas, Sista’s Chicken and Fish
Most-Reviewed: The Old Fashioned, Graze, Ha Long Bay

Green Bay
Highest-Rated: Grounded Cafe, La Carreta, Naturally Delightful
Most-Reviewed: Hinterland Brewery, Plae Bistro, The Pancake Place

Highest-Rated: Hometown Meats, The Daily Dose Cafe, De La Rosa’s Taqueria
Most-Reviewed: Franks Diner, Brat Stop, Iguana Wana Mexican Grill and Bar

Highest-Rated: Dragon Pit BBQ, Jerry’s Fresh Pizza, DeMarks Bar & Restaurant
Most-Reviewed: Blue Bear, Wells Brothers Restaurant, HOBNOB

Highest-Rated: Peters’ Boys Texas BBQ, The Jerk Joint, Author’s Kitchen + Bar
Most-Reviewed: SAP, Carmella’s, Stone Arch Brewpub

Highest-Rated: Boombalatti’s Pizza Company, The Beer Depot, Taco Jalisco
Most-Reviewed: Taylor’s People Park, Tofte’s Table, Artisan 179

Eau Claire
Highest-Rated: The Nostalgic Bean, Valley Burger, River Jams
Most-Reviewed: The Nucleus Cafe, Milwaukee Burger Company, Mona Lisa’s

Highest-Rated: The Taqueria, Pizza King Fresh Pizza, Debs Spare Tire
Most-Reviewed: Pete’s Garage Bar, Pilora’s Cafe, The Roxy Supper Club

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Graze, Madison