Discovering Madison’s Best Old Fashioned

Discovering Madison’s Best Old Fashioned

Photo courtesy of Toby's Supper Club

By UpNorthNews Staff

March 14, 2024

There’s something undeniably cozy and heartwarming about walking into a supper club in Madison. It’s like stepping into a nostalgic hug that smells faintly of fried fish and sounds like the clinking of ice cubes in a glass. But if you’re on a quest for the ultimate cocktail experience, then Toby’s Supper Club is your destination. Voted by our discerning readers as the home of the best old fashioned in Madison, this gem stands as a testament to tradition and taste.

The Legend of Toby’s Supper Club

Toby’s Supper Club is a chapter straight out of Madison’s rich history, bursting with stories and soaked in the warm glow of nostalgia. This legendary spot has etched its name into the hearts of those who seek a special experience. Toby’s has woven itself into the fabric of the community, serving as a backdrop for countless celebrations and quiet evenings. If these walls could talk, they would tell tales of laughter, whispers of romance, and echoes of the clinking glasses celebrating milestones. The magic of Toby’s lies in its commitment to preserving a slice of Madison’s cultural heritage. It’s a place where the passage of time seems to slow. At Toby’s, every visit is a step into a living legend, a dance with history that continues to captivate the imagination of all who enter.

What Makes Toby’s Old Fashioned the Best in Madison?

When you order a Brandy Old Fashioned at Toby’s, prepare yourself for an unforgettable mix of historical homage, meticulous execution, and a whisper of the extraordinary. Their Old Fashioned isn’t just about the intoxicating blend of sugar and aromatic bitters. Each particle of sugar and droplet of bitters marries flawlessly into the rich, velvety brandy base, resulting in an invigorating drink.

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But what sets it apart is the personal touch, the precise calibration of components, and the bartender’s unique flourish that injects a sense of animated enchantment into every concoction. The crowning adornment of a cherry and orange provides a final stroke of taste and presentation.

Toby’s impeccable steadfast dedication to their craft echoes with each customer. Their drinks curate a memory that outlasts the immediate taste. This transcendence of senses immortalizes Toby’s Brandy Old Fashioned as a celebrated symbol of perfection in Madison.

The Supper Club Experience – Beyond the Brandy

But stepping into Toby’s is a chance to indulge in an experience that goes beyond the clinking glasses and the swirl of an Old Fashioned. Here, you’re embraced by an atmosphere that’s as rich in warmth as it is in history. The real essence of the supper club experience lies in the moment you’re seated, and the story of your evening begins to unfold. From the hearty laughter shared over a table laden with supper club classics to the gentle hum of conversation that fills the room, every element contributes to a sense of belonging and joy. It’s the kind of place where new friends are made at the bar and old friends reminisce over dinner, creating a tapestry of connections that give Toby’s its soulful vibrancy. Here, amid the glow of dimmed lights and the comfort of a meal served with care, the supper club experience is a celebration of community. It’s all a testament to the magic that happens when good food, great drinks, and genuine hospitality converge.

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