We Asked, You Answered: The 13 Best Supper Clubs in Wisconsin

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By UpNorthNews Staff

August 30, 2023

Us Badgers know a thing or two about supper clubs – so we asked hundreds of them to share their favorites from every corner of the state. Here’s where they sent us.


Supper clubs are as quintessentially Wisconsin as beer, cheese, and Packers football. They aren’t just restaurants–they’re destinations. Their biggest fans aren’t afraid to travel far just for a bite of Friday night fish fry or a savory Saturday steak.

If you’re new to the supper club scene, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

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Thankfully, UpNorthNews readers know the best spot – even if they don’t all agree on exactly what that is. This summer, hundreds of readers recommended dozens of supper clubs from every corner of the state. Here are the most frequently-mentioned stops in each region:

Northern Wisconsin: Dreamland Supper Club

French-fried turkey

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According to our readers, Dreamland Supper Club isn’t just the best supper club “up north;” it’s the best in all of Wisconsin, and the top vote-getter across all regions. With 17% of the votes statewide and 47% in Northern Wisconsin, it’s cemented its spot as one of Wisconsin’s most legendary establishments.

Dreamland is among the country’s oldest supper clubs and first opened its doors in 1927. Located in backwoods South Range (just outside of Superior), Dreamland serves four-course meals every Thursday through Sunday. Dinner starts with breadsticks and progresses through soup and salad before ending with the main event: your choice of sizzling steaks and fresh seafood. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try the French-fried turkey breast!

Honorable mention: Pinewood Supper Club (Mosinee)

Northeastern Wisconsin: Black Otter Supper Club

Black Otter Supper Club touts itself as the “Home of the Extreme Cut Prime Rib.” Bones included, this beast weighs about 10 pounds! We’re not sure how many of our readers have ordered the Extreme Cut, but we do know that more than a third of Northeastern Wisconsin calls Black Otter the best supper club around.

Located in the Fox Cities area, Black Otter has an extensive menu ranging from salad to seafood, but it’s best-known for its slow-roasted prime ribs. Of course, their steaks have won plenty of awards, too.

Honorable mentions: Donny’s Glidden Lodge (Sturgeon Bay), Blanck’s Supper Club (Malone)

Southeast Wisconsin: HOBNOB

Southeast Wisconsin clearly has no shortage of great supper clubs: Racine’s HOBNOB beat out the competition by just a single vote in our poll.

Since opening nearly 70 years ago, HOBNOB has built its reputation as a go-to spot for fried fish, steaks, and ice cream cocktails–all served in one of the poshest dining rooms around.

Honorable mention: Five O’Clock Steakhouse (Milwaukee)

Southern Wisconsin: Ishnala Supper Club

Ishnala Old Fashioned


One in three Southern Wisconsin readers agree: Ishnala is the place to be.

Just a quick trip from the Dells, Ishnala offers a unique dining experience by virtue of being situated in the middle of Mirror Lake State Park. All the traditional supper club favorites are on the menu, but perhaps the best thing about Ishnala is the chance to take in breathtaking views of the oak forest while sipping an Old Fashioned. (And don’t let the long wait times scare you away–you can stroll through the trees while you wait for a table to clear!)

Honorable mention: Buckhorn Supper Club (Milton)

Western Wisconsin: Lehman’s Supper Club & Cocktail Lounge

Lehman’s is another institution with a storied past, serving some of the best food in Rice Lake since 1934.

And you’ll never have to worry about the atmosphere being too stuffy: With football season upon us, Lehman’s prides itself on being a great place to catch the next Badgers or Packers game with a plate of cheese curds.

Honorable mentions: Wissota High Shores Supper Club (Chippewa Falls), Laurel Supper Club (New Richmond)

Bonus: Our Favorite Submission

Straight from one of our readers: “Though I live in Northeastern WI, I vote for Schaumburg’s Supper Club near Fox Lake, on beautiful Lake Emily. It’s an old stagecoach stop, but they have the most amazing food and the drinks are made just right. Dave and Candy have run this place for more years than I can remember. Highly recommend if in the area.”

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