From Childhood Athlete To Momprenuer–How a Shorewood Woman Turned Her Passion Into a Profession 

Photo courtesy of Cassie Hoelzl

By Cherita Booker

June 15, 2023

While working as a physical therapist assistant, Cassie Hoelzl spent most of her time with patients suffering from chronic pain–and discovered her true calling was helping to prevent those conditions. So, she left her stable job and started her journey into the fitness industry–earning her certification in personal training. After teaching group fitness classes at a commercial gym, Hoelzl decided it was time to start her own business, and Thrive Fitness was born. 

Cherita Booker, UpNorthNews Reporter: How do you describe Thrive Fitness?

Cassie Hoelzl, Thrive Fitness owner: It started as an idea I had to continue pursuing personal training in a one-on-one setting outside of a typical gym. I wanted a schedule that was more conducive to being available for my family.

I found an awesome spot in Shorewood that not only had space for me, but also for physical and massage therapists. It was perfect–considering my PT background and the holistic approach I take toward health and fitness.

Cherita: What inspired you to get involved in this industry in the first place? 

Cassie: Health and fitness have always been passions of mine. I have been an athlete since I was a child. I played basketball from middle through college. My entire professional career has consisted of helping people learn to live a healthier life. I truly believe every single person has the potential to be strong, healthy, and live a life that feels uninhibited by physical limitations.

Cherita: What’s the most rewarding part about your job?

Cassie: Witnessing the joy and empowerment a client feels when they achieve a goal, or do something they didn’t think they’d be able to. One of the biggest messages I hope to spread is that we, as humans, have so much more control over our health than we think.

Cherita: What are your businesses’ specialties?

Cassie: In-person personal training, virtual personal training, and program writing for people who prefer to exercise on their own, but want or need guidance with their workouts.

Cherita: What’s your best advice for people who struggle with consistency? 

Cassie: Start small. Pick one thing to focus on every single day until it becomes second nature, then add another. Working out at the gym can sound overwhelming. Instead make your goal “walking into the gym,” and once you’re there, you’ve already achieved it! And don’t be afraid to ask for support. Find a friend, family member, or personal trainer to help you.

Thrive Fitness is located at 4433 N. Oakland Avenue in Shorewood and is open Monday through Wednesday and Friday. For booking inquiries, click hereSubscribe to UpNorthNews’ newsletter for more stories like this one in order to stay connected on what’s happening in Wisconsin.


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