School dances create some of the happiest memories for high school students, and a group at Stevens Point High School is making them even more memorable for all of their classmates.

This fall, several students started collecting formal wear to give to their peers whose families can’t afford to make several expensive, non-essential purchases a year. 

“With three dances, the cost is quite large and students often feel pressured to wear a different outfit for each dance,” Jessica Kleman, a student at Stevens Point, told WSAW-TV.

Like many schools, Stevens Points has homecoming in the fall, a formal in the winter, and prom in the spring. 

“We don’t want anyone to miss out on those events,” Jessica’s friend Blair Odders added.

So Jessica, Blair, and several of their peers created a community closet called the “Formal Wear Free Boutique.” Any student can “shop” for dresses or suits, no questions asked.

“They don’t have to worry about money or family pressure or anything like that, and they can really find their style,” said Jessica.

How to Help

The closet needs more clothes! Dresses, dress pants, shirts, ties, shoes… the Formal Wear Free Boutique accepts it all. Newer styles are preferred, but with many 90’s fashion resurfacing, you might have a gem hidden in your closet!

All donations can be dropped off in front of the main doors at Stevens Point High School. Click here for directions.