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The Best Of: Wisconsin Health & Wellness in 2022

To borrow a line from Disney's Frozen, "for the first time in forever" every moment of 2022 was not defined by COVID. Instead, a large chunk of the year's health headlines was devoted to the overturning of reproductive options and its impact on Wisconsin women. But not all headlines were bad. Here are several "good news" standouts.

8 Wisconsin Hospitals Earn A’s, While 4 Receive D’s in New Safety Report 

How safe is your hospital? A new report graded 3,000 US Hospitals on how well they protect patients from medical errors, accidents, injuries, and infections. Find out how Wisconsin's scored.

Pancreatic Cancer Rates are Rising: The Super Early Signs You Might Have It

At a time when overall cancer survival rates are rising and patient outcomes are improving, pancreatic cancer remains a stubborn outlier. Wisconsin doctors and researchers are working to change that.

Woman scientist in lab
UW Researchers Developing New Way to Detect Ovarian Cancer Early 

Ovarian cancer, often called the ‘silent killer,’ is the deadliest form of gynecological cancer. That could soon change.

Breast Cancer By Blood Test? The Non-Invasive Method Being Studied Right Now, and How You Can Help

For women who suspect they have breast cancer, the only way to know for sure is through an invasive, surgical biopsy. But that could soon become a thing of the past. 

Chestina Schubert raises her hand as she becomes the first person at University Hospital to be vaccinated on Dec. 17. Herd immunity, or vaccinating 70% of state residents, will not be likely by fall unless the federal government increasing vaccine allocation to Wisconsin. (Photo provided by UW Health)
The First Frontline Worker Vaccinated in Wisconsin Is a Black Woman. That Matters in the Fight for Trust.

This community has been hit hard by the virus. It is also much less likely to trust medical research and the vaccines produced by research.

A photo of a quarantined boy wearing a protective mask as he looks through a window. The pandemic is prompting an increase of anxiety and depression in children and teens. (Getty Images)
Ongoing Pandemic Causing Mental Health Issues for Many Teens

Professionals cite lack of normal routine, lack of social interactions as contributing factors.