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Ethics Commission’s Newest Member Cut off After Criticizing Top GOP Leaders
Statements and a GOP Cutoff: What Happened at Scot Ross’ First Ethics Commission Meeting

Ross points out his own white privilege, inequities of Black people living in Wisconsin.

These Republicans Said Wisconsin Needed Another COVID Relief Bill. Now They’re Silent.
GOP Leaders Want to Keep April 7 Election

Speaker Robin Vos, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald talk up working together with Evers

GOP State Senators Plan to Take on Evers' Mask Order as Coronavirus Cases Spike
Legislators Debate Options for Surplus — Right in Front of Cash-Strapped County Leaders

Partisan split evident on funding vital needs or an election year tax cut

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers acknowledges the gallery during a joint session of the Legislature in the Assembly chambers at the Governor's State of the State speech, Jan. 22, 2020 (Photo © Andy Manis)
Evers Speech Puts Farmers First

'State of State' also includes a showdown over gerrymandering

(Photo by Unsplash)
Voters Want Medical Marijuana. Here’s Why They’re Not Getting It.

Two lawmakers prepare to take questions on pot's hazy road to legalization

Documentary Wants You To Slay the Dragon’ of Gerrymandering In Wisconsin
Dems Say Let Voters Rule on Gerrymandering

GOP: Constitution let politicians draw maps. Critics: Let's change constitution

Madison as the sun set on 2019
What the Legislature Could Get Done in 2020

The irresistible force of a long to-do list meets the immovable object of a short calendar