Indoor Plants Not Only Brighten Your Space, But Boost Your Health, According to Science

Photo courtesy of Wildewood

By Cherita Booker
January 10, 2023

Suffering from the winter blues? Consider brightening up your space and improving both your mental and physical health with a plant. 

According to researchers at, indoor plants can help lower stress levels, sharpen your attention, speed up your recovery from illnesses, boost productivity, and improve the quality of indoor air. Taking care of plants is also a useful skill and can be therapeutic, too. 

Check out some of Wisconsin’s best, locally-owned plant shops: 

Country Blossoms GreenHouse


This family owned business opened in the spring of 2002. There, you’ll find up to four generations of family members working together on any given day, selling flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, and perennials. During the winter season, the shop is open by appointment-only, so be sure to call ahead!

Photo Courtesy of Chippewa Valley Floral and Antiques

Chippewa Valley Floral and Antiques

Eau Claire

Located in downtown Eau Claire, this family-owned shop not only has a variety of plants, but flowers and antiques, too! Its florist specialize in creating custom arrangements for any occasion and, a bonus, they deliver!



After a road trip to Yosemite National Park in 2014, Kate Holl left her job as a digital photographer to pursue botanicals. After co-owning a mobile plant store in Nashville, she decided to move back to Wisconsin, where Wildewood was born. The shop offers a variety of houseplants, accessories, and plant education classes. 

Photo courtesy of Maranta Plant Shop

Maranta Plant Shop 


Maranta Plant Shop is Milwaukee’s first and only Black and Brown-owned plant shop. Founded by Milwaukee-natives Michelle Alfaro and Mag Rodriguez, the women promise to make finding the perfect houseplant accessible to all. 

Photo courtesy of The Groovy Plans

The Groovy Plants

Wisconsin Rapids

Former stay-at-home mom Alicia Hamilton turned her passion into a full time business by opening this shop. The Groovy Plants carries a variety of houseplants, crystals, candles, pots, jewelry, and other unique items supplied by other small businesses. 



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