‘Dog Whistle Crap’: Evers Slams Baseless ‘Vetting’ Concerns About Afghan Refugees



By christinalieffring

August 30, 2021

Republicans have raised baseless concerns about whether Afghan refugees are being vetted, despite assurances from the White House.

Gov. Tony Evers said Monday he has little patience for Republicans’ fear-mongering around vetting Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy, saying “​​either they’re uninformed or they like to raise the specter that, ‘Maybe those little kids that I saw at Fort McCoy are terrorists.’”

“It’s dog whistle crap and we don’t need any of that,” Evers said. “I’m confident that the vetting process is in order.”

Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators have raised alarm about the influx of refugees following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. They have baselessly stoked fears that the refugees aren’t properly vetted, despite the White House’s assurances that the refugees are undergoing a thorough screening process before they ever set foot on American soil. US Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst) on Aug. 17 said the possible number of incoming refugees was “disturbing” because Afghanistan “is home to many dangerous people.”

The refugees are coming to the US under the Special Immigrant Visa program, which allows vulnerable populations and people who helped US forces to come as refugees. 

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Evers made his comment during a press conference to promote the Build Back Better plan, President Joe Biden’s proposed investment in human infrastructure through affordable education, childcare, and homeownership. National and state Democrats spoke outside the Build Back Better bus, which made a stop in Madison on Monday while touring the country during the August congressional recess to promote the package.

Evers was also asked about the potential $680,000 price tag for state Republicans’ self-described investigation into the 2020 presidential election. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) has empowered former conservtive state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to look into still-baseless allegations made about the election results. 

While Vos initially resisted a more intense ballot review, Evers noted that things changed after Vos met with former President Donald Trump to discuss the investigation and that “apparently [Wisconsin Republicans] are all drinking the Kool-Aid.”

“The continued attack on our democracy is just outrageous,” Evers said. “It’s a lot of money, and it’s a lot of wasted money.”




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