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Wisconsin GOP’s War on Public Schools Enters Primetime with Tuesday’s School Board Elections

While some parents are voting with teachers, school funding, and equity in mind, others are motivated by culture war issues that have exploded into the mainstream over the past year and a half.

Milwaukee Public Schools building
Republicans Attempting to Dismantle Milwaukee Public Schools and Expand Vouchers

Critics label the effort to break up public schools “an attack on the foundation of our democracy: public schools.”

Siena Catholic Schools of Racine (right) is one of 357 private schools in the state receiving taxpayer funds through choice or voucher programs. Siena received $10.7 million of the $413 million in annualized payments distributed to participating schools, according to Dept. of Public Instruction figures. Because voucher disbursements are made first, public school disbursements come from a smaller pot of money, affecting districts like Racine Unified (left) where general aid was reduced by $32.7 million in 2021-22. (Photos by Jonathon Sadowski)
Democrats Try Again to Stop Letting Voucher Schools Hide Their True Cost From Taxpayers

Property tax bills show money going to schools, but an unlabeled chunk of it isn’t going to local public schools.

A sexual assault evidence collection kit.
Reform Supporters Hope GOP Won’t Derail Bill Addressing Rape Kit Backlogs Again

Bipartisan bill died last year when Assembly Republicans attached language about voucher school and immigrants.

Erin Thornley Parisi, executive director of the Rape Crisis Center, and other sexual assault victim advocates accused Assembly Republicans in February 2020 of playing partisan politics by failing to hold a public hearing on a bill that would fund a protocol to prevent another backlog of rape evidence kits in Wisconsin. On Tuesday an Assembly committee held a hearing on the two bills. (Photo by Jessica VanEgeren)
GOP’s New Rape Kit Bill May Sink Any Chance of Bipartisan Passage

Effort to prevent future backlogs now bogged down in immigration and school voucher provisions

Vice President Mike Pence was the guest of honor Tuesday at the School Choice Week rally at the State Capitol in Madison (Photo by Jessica VanEgeren)
Pence, DeVos Jeered at Capitol Choice Rally

VP says voucher schools are 'here to stay'

Maple Grove School in Marathon County, Jan. 20, 2020 (Photo by Pat Kreitlow)
Two School Systems, One Gets VP Attention

Pence WI visit promotes choice but voucher schools draining local resources