Wisconsin’s Biggest Sledding Hills

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By Jessica Lee

January 24, 2023

Whether you want your ride to be long and gentle or steep and fast, our state is full of inclines that let you get the best out of your toboggan.

Sledding is a favorite pastime during Wisconsin’s snowy winters, especially for those with young children. However, you don’t have to be young to enjoy a ride down an awesome sledding hill. Many Wisconsin towns and cities have sledding hills at their parks and it doesn’t cost a thing for a day of winter fun. And, you can also find some sledding hills at state parks, but you’ll have to buy a day pass or use your park sticker for entrance. 

Of course, you want to go to the biggest hills possible for the fastest ride. Whether you are taking your kids or want to connect with your inner child, check out some of Wisconsin’s biggest sledding hills. 

Elver Park Sledding Hill, Madison

1250 McKenna Blvd. 

Elver Park is Madison’s largest city park and it’s home to one of the state’s favorite and largest sledding hills. The Madison Parks staff estimates it’s about 500 feet long! It’s also one of the few lighted sledding hills that allow kids and adults alike to cruise down the hill at night. Also, don’t worry if you don’t have a sled. They sell them for 20 bucks or you can rent one for $2 per hour. The park has various hills with various inclines, so sledders of all ages can partake. And, you’ll find a warming shelter!

Park Arthur Sledding Hill, Muskego

S63W17833 College Ave.

If your notion of the biggest sledding hill involves steepness, not area, head to Park Arthur in Muskego. With a 50-foot drop, Park Arthur’s sledding hill is among the steepest in Wisconsin. The hill was designed for thrillseekers who want that huge dropoff, but little ones can also have fun. Instead of climbing to the top, they can go up about halfway and head down the side of the hill, where the large hill flattens a little before the final drop to the bottom. 

Pinehurst Sledding Hill, Eau Claire

3523 Delbert Rd.

Pinehurst Hill used to be a ski hill, so today it makes the perfect sledding hill. Its steep incline makes for a fast ride as sledders dodge other sledders, mounds, and bumps. The bottom of the hill doesn’t plane out much, so you need to brace for landing. As a bonus, Pinehurst Hill is part of the Pinehurst Park project, Eau Claire’s version of a winter theme park, so you can snowshoe, cross-country ski, skate, and more. You can see how huge the sledding hill is here

Photo courtesy of Jakob Rosen via Unsplash

Killer Hill, Menomonee Falls

N86W14230 Fond Du Lac Ave (Rotary Park)

Contrary to its name, Killer Hill is not deadly. But, sliding down it will lead to some major fun. This popular sledding spot in Menomonee Falls gets its name from the climb to the top. It’s a killer, but worth the effort. The ride down is fast and fun. However, pay close attention to the river when you get to the bottom. If you go too fast, you could find yourself partaking in an unplanned polar plunge. 

Rudy Lange Sledding Hill, Delevan

170 S. Terrace St.

If you live in southern Wisconsin, Delevan’s Rudy Lange Sledding Hill is an excellent choice to get your snow thrills this winter. The park is 1.4 acres and the main sledding hill is 335 feet long, making for quite the ride. The hill is pretty steep, so the climb up is a great workout. The city also lights the park during the winter, so kids and families can enjoy nighttime sledding. 

Josten Park, Bellevue

2280 Town Hall Rd. 

Located in the Village of Bellevue, outside of Green Bay, Josten Park has a big sledding hill that provides ample space for sledders of all ages to go for a ride. The length of the hill is about 250 feet, definitely making it among Wisconsin’s biggest sledding hills. When winter is snowy enough for great sledding, Bellevue also hosts “Freeze Fest” every February, a fun-filled family sledding night that includes sledding, a snowman-building contest, hot chocolate, music, and a bonfire. 

Photo courtesy of Brendan Beale via Unsplash

Fireman’s Park, Green Bay

1701 W. Mason St.

Located next to Fire Station No. 6 on the west side of Green Bay, Fireman’s Park offers one of the largest sledding hills in the area. The major sledding hill is 46 feet high and 300 feet long. One of the best features of Fireman’s Park is the multiple levels of sledding hills they offer. The big kids can go on the steep hills and the little ones can head to smaller hills that aren’t so close to the street. 

Bonus: If you live in or are visiting the Green Bay area and you’re open to snow tubing instead of sledding, head to Titletown District. Prices range from $3 to $10 depending on the day and time. Plus, you need to use one of their tubes. You are sure to enjoy the ride from the top of the hill. 

Currie Park, Wauwatosa

3535 N. Mayfair Rd. 
You’ll find a lot of sledding hills in the Greater Milwaukee area, but Currie Park is among the biggest.  They don’t just have one or two hills. Currie Park has multiple sledding hills for all ages and skill levels. The city turns the golf course into sledding hills when the snow cover is adequate. The main Currie Park sledding hill is about 170 feet long and not extremely steep, so everyone can enjoy it. It’s also wide, providing ample space for many sledders to use the hill at once. Check out this short video to get an idea of size. Thrillseekers will enjoy the long ride because they can build up some speed. Also, the main hill doesn’t have trees or other obstacles, but be careful of the river at the bottom.


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