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Any other time of year, chocolate chip is the undisputed cookie king. But during the winter holidays, Wisconsin crowns a different #1.  

Lifestyle website Let’s Eat Cake used Google Trends data from December 2019, 2020, and 2021 to figure out which kind of cookie is most searched for during the holiday season. 

And Wisconsin’s #1 are… Pinwheels!

Pinwheel cookies are fun and mesmerizing,” the website explains. “Don’t stare at them too long, or you may find yourself very, very sleepy. Nothing to do with all that dinner you ate.”

If you’re unfamiliar, pinwheel cookies are buttery, slice-and-bake sugar cookies that look more complicated than they are! Holiday versions usually swirl red and green together, but pinwheels can be made with a mix of vanilla and chocolate dough other times of year.  

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