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We’re #5! On second thought: Is this a list we want to top?

It depends on how much you love the sub-zero, wind-whipping, snow-filled winter months! Thrillist ranked every state by how miserable its winters are, and Wisconsin landed at a respectable #5.

There’s a reason it’s practically state law that every block in a Wisconsin city or town must have a minimum of three bars on it,” the lifestyle website observed.

There’s a level of persistently gray, soul-squeezing frigidness here that can only be combatted with liberal doses of brandy Old Fashioneds and Spotted Cow along with various forms of friend dairy products.”

According to the National Weather Service, Wisconsin’s average temperature is 24 degrees in December, 20 in January, and 25 in February. Average snowfall ranges from 40 to 50 inches in south-central Wisconsin to 100 to 125 inches up north.

Where are winters worse? According to Thrillist: South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota, which it ranked as #1 most miserable.

(Not-so) FUN FACT (for its inhabitants): North Dakota is the coldest state in the lower 48. July and August are the only months of the year it hasn’t snowed.

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