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On National Cinema Day only, movie tickets will cost less than half the price of popcorn!

If you’ve never heard of Cinema Day, you’re not alone. This Saturday, Sept. 3rd is the first-ever nationwide celebration, a push by The Cinema Foundation to lure moviegoers into theaters this Labor Day weekend. Traditionally, the end of summer three-day weekend is among the slowest of the year for the “silver screen.”

To celebrate, many chains are offering $3 deals in more than 3,000 theaters and on 30,000 screens. 

AMC and Regal Cinemas are both participating, as well as smaller, local operators, like Wisconsin-based Marcus Theatres. Tickets will be no more than $3 for every showing, in every format.

“Humans crave social interaction, and seeing a film in a theater is a social experience,” Tom Reichelt, Area General Manager at Marcus Theatres told UpNorthNews Associate Editor Christina Lorey. 

“Labor Day weekend has plenty of movie choices and with $3 admission on National Cinema Day, we’re expecting audiences of all ages,” Reichelt said.

Managers like Tom are hoping, if successful, National Cinema Day will be just the beginning of a box office bounceback. 

“It’s going to be an exhilarating fall and winter at the movies,” he enthusiastically added. “With blockbusters like ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ as well as ‘Lyle, Lyle Crocodile’ and ‘Puss in Boots’ for families, there will be something for everyone!”

Tom says last year’s ‘SpiderMan: No Way Home’ and this summer’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ were two of the most successful films for Wisconsin theaters since the pandemic.

“But there have been so many movies that have created energy, excitement, and attendance,” he added.

Before National Cinema Day showing, moviegoers will catch a glimpse of the biggest films coming soon from more than a dozen of the biggest movie studios.

Some chains, like Marcus, are also offering deals on concessions, like $3 fountain drinks and $5 beer. 

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