Another ‘No’ Vote From Rep. Tom Tiffany on a Measure to Stand Up to Russia

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and US Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst)

By Pat Kreitlow

April 6, 2022

It was a nonbinding resolution reaffirming support of the NATO alliance and its democratic principles as it supports Ukraine. Tiffany previously opposed a ban on Russian oil imports.

US Rep. Tom Tiffany has taken another vote that is cementing his membership in what conservative writer William Saletan called “Republicans who love Russia and hate America,” based on their actions since Russia invaded Ukraine.

On Tuesday, all 219 Democrats and 143 Republicans cast votes in support of a nonbinding resolution reaffirming “unequivocal support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as an alliance founded on democratic principles” and calling on Biden to push to establish a “center for democratic resilience” at NATO.

Tiffany was among only 63 Republicans who voted against the resolution.

In earlier measures, Tiffany and fellow Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman were among only 17 Republican lawmakers to vote against a ban on Russian oil earlier this month. Days later, Grothman was one of only eight US House members to vote against a proposal to retract Russia’s “most favored nation” trade status. 

In a recent Courier Newsroom/Data for Progress poll of 1,200 likely voters, 77% of respondents, including 68% of Republican voters, disapprove of instances when other Republican lawmakers have expressed support or admiration for Putin. 

Writing on the conservative website The Bulwark, Saletan this week took aim at 21 Republicans who “have opposed, or at least sought to constrain, aid to Ukraine or sanctions on Russia.” 

Saletan reviewed the various excuses given by Republicans to take votes that give aid and comfort to the atrocities being committed on orders of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Some of the reasons are rooted in isolationism—to the point of even opposing America coming to the aid of fellow NATO allies if attacked, the very point of having the alliance.

Some Republicans continue to parrot the disinformation used by Russia to justify its attack. Others remain fixated on Mexican immigrants and contend US resources should be directed there instead of going to assist people being slaughtered in Europe.

Grothman went so far as to say trade sanctions on Russia are part of a gay agenda. He said the bill to remove favored nation trade status has language that would “leave open the possibility of the US government weaponizing our vast financial wealth to threaten foreign officials that hold traditional views on life or marriage” or oppose gay and transgender rights.” But such language also existed under the Trump administration, and human rights leaders say the language authorizing punitive measures is about things like torture, killings, and harming whistleblowers, not a social agenda.

Saletan said those GOP lawmakers looking for excuses not to support Ukraine are embracing “nihilism, cynicism, cowardice, partisan derangement, and a loathing of contemporary America.”

Grothman noted that he has supported two other bills targeting Russia for its invasion. 


  • Pat Kreitlow

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