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Photo courtesy of Peter Wagner, Bayfield

Photo courtesy of Peter Wagner, Bayfield

By Pat Kreitlow

March 12, 2022

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Today’s Newsletter Greeting and Editorial

There’s so much going on in the world that can make us angry, divisive, or just plain sad. We need to make time for the little victories and the small luxuries that allow us to be distracted for a time.

For your editor, that’s always been baseball. The work day is truly in the past once that first Leinie’s Summer Shandy is poured and the Brewers game comes on the TV—or when Bob Uecker’s voice is playing on a phone app while the backyard hammock swings to and fro. The prospect of not having that diversion was insult on top of the many little injuries we all endure daily. It sure is nice to know they’re going to play ball, after all.

And as you’ll read below, whether it’s someone playing politics with what should be a position of voluntary service on a state board, or people still working to undermine our elections and democracy itself, we need whatever moments of escapism we can get.

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Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Johnson, Tiffany, Fitzgerald From 2022 Ballot for Insurrection

Lawyers representing 10 state residents and the Super PAC of a liberal Wisconsin brewery announced the filing of a federal lawsuit Thursday intended to hold three Republican congressional politicians accountable for interfering with the election of Joe Biden as president.

Justices Hear Arguments on the Squatter Who Won’t Leave the State Natural Resources Board

Scott Walker appointee’s term ended last year, but he’s refused to leave since Republicans in the state Senate won’t confirm a replacement nominated by Evers.

Slideshow: So Many Bills Targeting Elections and Voting

See an UpNorthNews review of Republican-sponsored legislation that has been vetoed, is likely to be vetoed, or didn’t even pass the Republican-led Legislature. Many of these bills are likely to become law next year if Gov. Tony Evers is defeated this November and replaced by a Republican governor.

Photo of the Day

Peter Wagner, Little Sand Bay, Bayfield (December 2021)


  • Pat Kreitlow

    The Founding Editor of UpNorthNews, Pat was a familiar presence on radio and TV stations in western Wisconsin before serving in the state Legislature. After a brief stint living in the Caribbean, Pat and wife returned to Chippewa Falls to be closer to their growing group of grandchildren. He now serves as UNN's chief political correspondent and host of UpNorthNews Radio, airing weekday mornings 6 a.m.-8 a.m on the Civic Media radio network and the UpNorthNews Facebook page.

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