Where Do I Find The Statistics for Coronavirus Cases in Wisconsin and In My Local County?

Local COVID-19 Dashboards Across Wisconsin



By Adam Rogan

July 3, 2020

Unlike so many other pieces of public information, the State of Wisconsin and the counties within it have been atypically forthcoming with statistics related to coronavirus.

Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm said in mid-March that making this information available for free “allows us to advance the public health.”

Here’s how to find data for different slices of our country and our state:

Nationwide & International

For national and regional totals tracked by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), click here for at a glance statistics or here for state-by-state numbers.

The CDC has stats on coronavirus cases and deaths broken down as a state-by-state heatmap showing total and recent cases. It also has nationwide statistics broken down by age and race and ethnicity.

Similar worldwide data, as compiled by the World Health Organization, can be found HERE

And to keep track of every state’s hospital capabilities tracked against their ability to deal with a surge in cases, check out the modeling from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics HERE.

Statewide Information

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services serves as the state’s top health agency. Its interactive dashboard, showing new cases reported every day and deaths confirmed, can be found HERE.

And to see how prepared different regions of the state are for surges, hospital capabilities can be viewed HERE.

To see the numbers and percentages of positive cases vs. negative tests and the state’s testing capacity, as well as Wisconsin’s cases broken down by race and age, click HERE.

DHS also compiles reports HERE from all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, although these stats aren’t always up to date as each county’s own report tends to be.

Milwaukee County has the most in-depth reporting in the state. On its COVID-19 dashboard dashboard the breakout is shown on an almost neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, possible thanks to the county’s high number of health centers.

That data has helped show how the outbreak has affected Milwaukee’s minority communities more than its majority white population.Dane County has an almost identical dashboard. However, it does not have its outbreak localized below the county level, like Milwaukee has done.


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