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Republicans Reject New Engineering Building for UW Madison, Despite Broad Business Support

Rather than making solid investments in Wisconsin’s future workforce, GOP lawmakers seem stuck on corporate tax giveaways that do nothing to create jobs today or tomorrow.

July, 30, 2022: 5th Annual Hmong Wausau Festival via Shutterstock
Legislators: We Are Taking Steps to Honor the History and Contributions of the Hmong, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Communities

A historic public hearing brings the state closer to ensuring education goals include their heritage and experiences.

Young pregnant woman crying with her hands folded near her face.
More Help Is Needed for New Wisconsin Moms Who Face Anxiety, Depression, Medical Issues

It’s okay to recognize that pregnancy isn’t a fairy tale existence and motherhood doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Questions, worries, and down days come with the territory, but help is available.

State Assembly
Republicans Pass Local Aid Bill Shortchanging Milwaukee, Controlling How Other Communities Spend Money

Assembly Republicans go their own way in passing a bill to share state revenue. Senate Republicans are likely to make more changes, with no guarantee Gov. Evers will sign a version that isn’t negotiated jointly.

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‘Prohibition Isn’t Working’—State Senate Democratic Leader Hits the Road to Promote Legalizing Marijuana

Sen. Melissa Agard is bringing her “Grass Routes” tour to Eau Claire and Wausau.

Where is Paul Ryan?

Ever since he decided not to run for re-election in 2018, the former Speaker of the House and congressman from Wisconsin's 1st District has stepped back from public life. But like former Gov. Scott Walker, he still carries a tremendous amount of power in Republican circles, and now, he's slowly wading back into politics by weighing in on the current state of his party.

Where is Scott Walker?

Ever since losing his bid for a third term in 2018, former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has all but disappeared from the state's forward-facing political scene. But many people don't realize he still carries a tremendous amount of weight behind the scenes.