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Credit: Wabeno Public Library
4 Wisconsin Libraries to ‘Check Out’ This Fall

October is National Book Month--the perfect time to celebrate the state's best libraries! We compiled a list of four Wisconsin libraries, known for their books, their backstories, and their beauty.

The Life of a Road ‘Dog’: Hop Aboard the Wienermobile with a Wisconsin Hotdogger

You have a better chance of getting into Harvard than becoming a Hotdogger. While the Ivy League University accepts 4% of applicants, Oscar Mayer accepts just 1%. Let that sink in. Every year, the meat company scouts 12 new “Hotdoggers” to drive its iconic Wienermobile cross-country as part of the brand’s most well-known marketing strategy....

5 Wisconsin Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

There are roughly 3 million active podcasts you can listen to right now, most for free, through iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, YouTube, and more. The options can feel overwhelming, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite local podcasts.

10 Wisconsin Small Towns and the Random Reason They’re World-Famous

Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland–the top cheese-producing state in the country. But many of our smallest towns hold special titles of their own, like Bear Creek, home of the World’s Largest Sauerkraut Plant, or Waunakee, “The Only Waunakee in the World.” Here are 10 Wisconsin towns and the random reason they’re world-famous: Bear Creek Home of...

The Story Behind Wisconsin’s Popular Line of Progressive Brews (& What’s Next)

Last week, the Minocqua Brewing Company lost its operating permit after a years-long battle over local zoning rules with Oneida County. Owner Kirk Bangstad plans to appeal that decision and remain open as long as possible, but says he only started getting political with his brews when Republican politicians started playing politics with his business.

(Photo courtesy: Jackson County Fair)
Jackson County Fair Sees Smashing Success with Combine Demolition Derby

The Combine Demolition Derby at the Jackson County Fair is just about as epic as it sounds. Drivers smash multi-ton farm machinery into each other, until only one is left running.

Credit: Bryce Richter/UW-Madison
The 13 Biggest Moments in UW-Madison History

There are anniversaries, and then there are demisemiseptcennials—a milestone 175 years in the making. A look back at the biggest moments in University of Wisconsin history.