Fond du Lac’s Kristmas Kringle Shoppe Spreads Christmas Cheer All Year

Kristmas Kringle Shoppe



By christinalieffring

December 15, 2021

The former office supply and Hallmark shop has for decades operated as a one-stop Christmas shop, no matter the season.

It’s Christmas all year long at Kristmas Kringle Shoppe in Fond du Lac.

Gerianne Pertl owns and operates the shop founded by her parents, Jerry and Grace Mielke. Pertl grew up in the Mielke’s office supply and Hallmark shop, which was in downtown Fond du Lac for decades. As her parents got close to retirement, they decided to change it to a year-round Christmas shop. 

“We grew up loving Christmas,” Pertl said. “Christmas was a huge deal when I was growing up.”

They built up the business by first devoting a corner of the shop to Christmas merchandise. As the Christmas merchandise took over the store, they brought in bus tours and served up coffee and donuts. 

Word of the shop spread and in 1994, the Mielke’s built the current location near Interstate 40. The building, designed by Jerry Mielke to look like you’re walking down the street in a German village, with a church, storefronts, and a life-size gingerbread house. 

“Christmas is a happy time for most people,” Pertl said. “A lot of people come here just when they need to brighten their mood or that kind of thing. Even all year round, just to come and look around. There’s sparkly things, it’s pretty, [and there is] beautiful music playing.”

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Throughout the store, Pertl’s team decorates more than 70 Christmas trees with a wide array of ornaments along themes such as Wisconsin sports teams, agriculture (which, of course, includes plenty of cow ornaments), and special occasion ornaments that can be personalized in-store. The store also has a wide assortment merchandise including nutcrackers, miniature Christmas village pieces, and snow globes.

“My parents loved it,” she said. “And I want to keep it going and keep their legacy going as well.”


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