A Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation 2016 rendering of a how part of the I-94 East-West corridor would look as it passed through the Stadium Interchange next to Miller Park.
Evers to Jump-Start an I-94 Makeover in Milwaukee

GOP refused to fund reconstruction of the East-West corridor in 2017.

How Bad Are Roads In WI? It Took 10 Years Just To Get This One Fixed.
How Bad Are Roads In WI? It Took 10 Years Just to Get This One Fixed.

Construction to begin in 2022 on County Highway F near Blanchardville.

Potholes have multiplied on Wisconsin roads as state funding fails to keep up with needs and state restrictions prevent local governments from affording repairs. (Photo by Julian Emerson)
A Billion Reasons the Potholes Will Persist

$75 million added, but $1.4 billion in repairs needed

Eau Claire County Trunk Highway TT (Photo by Julian Emerson)
Evers Releases Help for Rough Roads

But the $75 million is far from what's needed for potholes, bridges and more

Gov. Tony Evers
Evers Allocates $75 Million for Crumbling Roads

Money will pay for 152 projects in nearly every county across the state

Denis Olson of Blanchardville braves the car-rattling ride on Iowa County Trunk Highway F every day on his drive to work in Barneveld. (Photo by Susan Lampert Smith)
Drivers Shaking With Anger Because of Bumpy Roads

Public meeting shows frustration at years of budget cuts

Wisconsin Cities and Counties Seek Tax Hikes to Fix Failing Roads

Officials in 37 cities and counties say spending dollars for roadways hasn’t kept pace with needed repairs under the Republican-led legislature.