The best days to avoid crowds, save money at Wisconsin grocery stores this December

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By Christina Lorey

November 30, 2023

Wisconsin grocery stores are as busy as they get this time of year, but avoiding the crowds is easy… if you know when to go!

TIP: Google Maps has a useful tool for finding the best and worst times to visit any store, including grocery stores. The feature, called Area Busyness, tracks live busyness trends from individual businesses to show you how busy they are at different times of day. Last year’s data showed the busiest stores in December were Kay Jewelers, Bath & Body Works, and Barnes & Noble.

When it comes to grocery stores, Google Maps data shows the following…

The Best:

-Monday at 8 a.m. is the best, least busy, time to shop for groceries.

-One hour after opening is the best time for quality.

-Wednesday is the overall best day for deals.

The Worst:

-Saturday between 12-3 p.m. is the worst, most busy, time to shop for groceries.

Two days before any holiday is busier than the day before.

-December 22-26 and December 30-31 have more traffic than any other days of the year.

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  • Christina Lorey

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