VIDEO: 10 things you hear at a Thanksgiving meal in Wisconsin

By UpNorthNews Staff

November 16, 2023

You know you’re from Wisconsin when…

Our UpNorthNews Correspondent Dalton Hessel is sharing some familiar conversations you probably have every Thanksgiving and can look forward to having again this year.


YOU KNOW YOU’RE FROM WISCONSIN WHEN someone at Thanksgiving whips out their phone to show you the latest buck they got. UpNorthNews Correspondent @_thenorthernnerd_ shares some familiar conversations you can look forward to this year. Think he missed some important topics? Let us know in the comments below! #importanttopics #wisconsin #thanksgiving #shares #share #conversations #conversation #convo #topics #comments #wisconsinnews

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Would it really be the holidays in Wisconsin without someone at Thanksgiving whipping out their phone to show you the latest buck they got?

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