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These playgrounds with purpose make fun accessible to all.

There’s only one path to enter to Kayla’s Playground in Milwaukee and it passes under this sign: “This play area is designed for ALL kids ages 5-12, and up!”

Credit: Milwaukee with Kids

Those aren’t just words. The playground is jam-packed with wide, fully-accessible ramps, a ground-level merry-go-round that wheelchairs can fit on, special needs swings, two stainless steel slides (that face north to keep them cool), two-height monkey bars,  a young children’s area, and more. There’s even a Little Free Library on-site!

Fully accessible playgrounds are having a moment across Wisconsin, where one in five people lives with a disability, either cognitive or physical. While fully-accessible playgrounds have a much bigger price tag ($400,000 versus the “traditional” $100,000), many cities are choosing to make the investment. Madison has been adding one all-inclusive playground every year since 2019.


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