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There are the Thanksgiving staples. And then there are the curveballs. What’s Wisconsin’s?

Almost every table has the classics. Turkey and/or ham. Gravy. Dressing/stuffing. Some kind of potato. Casseroles galore. And, of course, pie.

But just like every family, each state brings its own flair to the feast: tamales in Texas, persimmon bread in California… compiled a list of the most-searched-for unique Thanksgiving recipes by state. 

What’s Wisconsin’s?
Snicker Salad.


Like neighboring Iowa, Wisconsin craves the old-school sugary salad, which is a mix of butterscotch pudding, whipped topping, Granny Smith apples, and (of course) Snickers! Click here for the recipe.

What else is the Midwest craving? In Illinois, it’s Glazed Carrots. In Michigan, it’s Wild Rice Stuffing. And in Minnesota, it’s Pistachio Salad

Click HERE for the full list, including recipe links!