Evers Announces Local Grants For Life-saving Work

FILE - Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

By Joe Zepecki

September 26, 2022

Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers delivered on a big promise he made during this 2022 State of the State address last week. The first term governor announced more than $30 million to support local emergency medical services (EMS) first responders.

The grants will be distributed across nearly every single one of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, with the largest impacts expected to be felt in smaller, rural communities that have faced severe EMS shortages in recent years.

“For years, our local partners have been asked to do more with less, and so many communities have had to cut back on services like public safety across our state. Our EMS providers are often the first on the scene, providing critical care when we need them the most—especially over these past few years—and I know these folks are stretched thin,” said Evers in a press release. “This funding is going to provide much needed support to our EMS providers across the state to help ensure they have the tools and resources they need to meet the needs in their communities and continue their life-saving work.”

In emergency situations, moments can literally mean the difference between life and death. By supporting local communities in their search to retain and hire qualified first responders the Evers administration is sending a clear message to smaller communities – they understand the challenges they face and will not be held hostage by the Republican controlled legislature when it comes to delivering tools municipalities can use.


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