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In a recent radio appearance on the Vicki McKenna Show, Republican candidate for governor Tim Michels declared his opposition to one of the most reasonable and popular gun safety proposals that protect communities from dangerous individuals.

‘Red flag’ laws create a process by which family, friends, or loved ones can see to it that individuals going through a mental health crisis are temporarily prevented from accessing their firearms.

Michels vowed that ‘red flag’ laws “won’t happen here in Wisconsin when I’m governor.”

A July 2022 poll released by the Marquette Law School found that more than 80% of Wisconsinites support ‘red flag’ laws amid a surge in deadly mass shootings across the nation.

Michels addressed the issue just weeks after the bipartisan Safer Communities Act was signed into law by President Joe Biden—the first federal gun safety legislation passed in three decades. Under the law, states can receive federal funds to establish protocols and processes for adjudicating ‘red flags’ if they follow due process standards under the law.

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson was among the 33 senators to vote ‘no’ on the measure—putting two potential statewide candidates for office this fall on the wrong side of the public.

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