Here’s the Definitive Guide to County Fair Season in Wisconsin

Here’s the Definitive Guide to County Fair Season in Wisconsin


By christinalieffring

June 16, 2021

The rides, exhibits, food, and camaraderie you love are coming back.

County fairs are back this summer, and I can’t wait.

Whatever kitschy Midwestern tropes you’ve embraced and maybe even incorporated into your lifestyle, it’s all there: the annual Frankenfood competition to find something new to batter and deep-fry; janky carnival rides supplying adrenaline rushes for the young, headaches for the less-young; blaring music by a beer tent; and the competitions for the best pie/quilt/preserve. 

We know it’s fulfilling all the Midwestern stereotypes, but who cares? Who could not appreciate the work that goes into a beautiful quilt? Or boiling food from your own garden to keep for the winter? And pie is delicious. Full stop.

Personally, I veer toward the animal pens where I question my life choices that prevent me from owning an acreage with cows, sheep, chickens, and maybe a llama. And as a goat nibbles my shirt, I watch the kids who’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into caring for these animals. 

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

As they clean the pens, refresh the animals’ feed, and hose them off to keep cool, I can’t think of a better way to raise a good human. Some of the children are so small their prized hens or rabbits are about half their body size, but they hold them up before the judges with nervous pride in the work they’ve done and love for the animals they raised with their own hands. One year while snapping photos for a local newspaper, I took one of a boy and his rabbit touching foreheads with their eyes closed, both boy and rabbit savoring a sweet moment of connection.

So go find a fair and embrace what makes you Midwestern, whether that’s the demolition derby, the pig races, or a blue-ribbon heritage tomato.

  • Elroy Fair: June 24-27 (Juneau Co.)
  • Jefferson Co. Fair: July 7-11
  • Northern Wisconsin State Fair: July 7-11 (Chippewa Co.)
  • Kewaunee Co. Fair: July 8-11
  • Marquette Co. Fair: July 8-11
  • Fond du Lac Co. Fair: July 13-18
  • Barron Co. Fair: July 14-18
  • Green Co. Fair: July 14-18
  • La Crosse Interstate Fair: July 14-18 (La Crosse Co.)
  • Lafayette Co. Fair: July 14-18
  • St. Croix Co. Fair: July 14-18
  • Waukesha Co. Fair: July 14-18
  • Dane Co. Fair: July 15-18
  • Sauk Co. Fair: July 15-18
  • Trempealeau Co. Fair: July 15-18
  • Blake’s Prairie Jr. Fair: July 16-18 (Grant Co.)
  • Washington Co. Fair: July 20-25
  • Columbia Co. Fair: July 21-25
  • Dunn Co. Fair: July 21-25
  • Monroe Co. Fair: July 21-25
  • Outagamie Co. Fair: July 21-25
  • Taylor Co. Fair: July 22-25
  • Washburn Co. Fair: July 22-25
  • Rock Co. 4-H Fair: July 27-Aug. 1
  • Door Co. Fair: July 28-Aug. 1
  • Eau Claire Co. Fair: July 28-Aug. 1
  • Jackson Co. Fair: July 28-Aug. 1
  • Langlade Co. Fair: July 28-Aug. 1
  • Ozaukee Co. Fair: July 28-Aug. 1
  • Racine Co. Fair: July 28-Aug. 1
  • Buffalo Co. Fair: July 29-Aug. 1
  • Iron Co. Fair: July 29-Aug. 1
  • Polk Co. Fair: July 29-Aug. 1
  • Clark Co. Fair: Aug. 3-8
  • WI Valley Fair: Aug. 3-8 (Marathon Co.)
  • Winnebago Co. Fair: Aug. 4-8
  • Adams Co. Fair: Aug. 5-8
  • Bayfield Co. Fair: Aug. 5-8
  • Green Lake Co. Fair: Aug. 5-8
  • Oneida Co. Fair: Aug. 5-8
  • Wisconsin State Fair: Aug. 5-15
  • Juneau Co. Fair: Aug. 11-15
  • Lincoln Co. Fair: Aug. 11-15
  • Pierce Co. Fair: Aug. 12-15
  • Rusk Co. Jr. Fair: Aug. 12-15
  • Sawyer Co. Fair: Aug. 12-15
  • Vilas Co. Fair: Aug. 12-15
  • Grant Co. Fair: Aug. 15-22
  • Brown Co. Fair: Aug. 18-22
  • Dodge Co. Fair: Aug. 18-22
  • Kenosha Co. Fair: Aug. 18-22
  • Ashland Co. Fair: Aug. 19-22
  • Athens Fair: Aug. 19-22 (Marathon Co.)
  • Oconto Co. Fair: Aug. 19-22
  • Waushara Co. Fair: Aug. 19-22
  • Manitowoc Co. Fair: Aug. 25-29
  • Price Co. Fair: Aug. 25-29
  • Waupaca Co. Fair: Aug. 25-29
  • Burnett Co. Fair: Aug. 26-29
  • Central Wisconsin State Fair: Aug. 26-29 (Wood Co.)
  • Crawford Co. Fair: Aug. 26-29
  • Marinette Co. Fair: Aug. 26-29
  • Florence Co. Fair: Aug. 27-29
  • Iowa Co. Fair: Sep. 1-6
  • Portage Co. Fair: Sep. 1-6
  • Shawano Co. Fair: Sep. 1-6
  • Walworth Co. Fair: Sep. 1-6
  • Lodi Agricultural Fair: Sep. 2-5 (Columbia Co.)
  • Sheboygan Co. Fair: Sep. 2-5
  • Calumet Co. Fair: Sep. 3-6
  • Richland Co. Fair: Sep. 8-12
  • Forest Co. Fair: Sep. 9-12
  • Vernon Co. Fair: Sep. 15-19


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