Matt Atkinson said there have been a lot of boos and jeers throughout his two decades officiating, but he still has a passion for the job.  Photo courtesy Matt Atkinson
The Reason Behind Wisconsin’s Referee Shortage? Unruly Spectators.

Games are being rescheduled, postponed, and even canceled because there aren’t enough officials available, and the WIAA is pointing to parents as the problem. On a typical Thursday or Friday night, Matt Atkinson of Eau Claire can be found on a football field or basketball court. Now starting his 24th year as an official for...

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Wisconsin Named the #1 Program That Hasn’t Made the College Football Playoffs (Yet)

Since the College Football Playoff started in 2014, only three Big Ten schools (Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State) and 14 teams overall have made the cut.

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The Big 18? 3 Things You May Not Know About the ‘New’ Big Ten

Starting Aug. 2, 2024, Oregon, UCLA, USC, and Washington will join Wisconsin and the 13 current Big Ten schools to unofficially become the Big 18. But–don’t worry–the conference still plans to keep its historic name.  Here are three things you (probably) don’t know about the Big Ten conference: The University of Chicago is the only full...

3 Reasons Giannis is Milwaukee’s Champion On and Off the Court

Milwaukee is on the hunt for its third championship trophy. And leading the team is Giannis Antetokounmpo. Here are a few fun facts to carry you through playoff season.

‘The Sport of the Future’: Wisconsin is Jumping on the Soccer Bandwagon

DID YOU KNOW? Soccer fandom in the US is expected to increase by 24 million people by the year 2026-- when America co-hosts the World Cup.

MKE’s MVP: How the NBA’s New ‘Jordan Trophy’ Got Made in Milwaukee

When millions of people tune in this June to see who will win the 2023 NBA MVP award, they'll be staring at a brand-new trophy that was made in Wisconsin! But will it STAY here?

Meet the UW-Madison Student Up for NFL Fan of the Year

Even though the Packers (most likely) won't make Super Bowl LVII, Anna Linberg will still be repping Green Bay at the Big Game-- as the youngest nominee in this season's fan contest. Vote for her today!