LGBTQ Pride Street Flag Drawing
Legislators Won’t Be Able to Miss the Giant Pride Flag About to Be Painted at the Top of State Street, Next to the Capitol

Conservatives who control the state Assembly will have a bird’s eye view of support for equal treatment, respect, and rights for their LGBTQ constituents, in the privately-funded public art project.

Pride Flag Heg
Pride Month in Wisconsin Includes Local Events Across the State

Plenty of opportunities to show support for the LGBTQ community at a time when some politicians are promising to roll back social progress.

Kiel Police Dept
Six Bomb Threats in Less Than Two Weeks—Kiel Becomes a Front in a National Debate Between Respect and Contempt

The tight-knit community of 3,900 is confused, concerned, and caught up in cultural crosscurrents.

Tony Evers meeting with LGBTQ youth
EXCLUSIVE POLL: Americans Oppose the GOP’s Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric and Policies

Eighty-eight percent of likely voters believe the government “should not have a say in personal matters like a person's sexual preference or gender identity,” 48% oppose anti-LGBTQ bills introduced by Republicans, and 55% oppose conservatives labeling teachers and LGBTQ people as “groomers.”

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Wisconsin GOP’s War on Public Schools Enters Primetime with Tuesday’s School Board Elections

While some parents are voting with teachers, school funding, and equity in mind, others are motivated by culture war issues that have exploded into the mainstream over the past year and a half.

(Illustration by Morgaine Ford-Workman)
This Isn’t Your Grandma’s ERA. Wisconsin Dems Go Big on a New Equal Rights Amendment.

State constitution would bar discrimination on the basis of gender as the original ERA, but also offer protection in many more ways.

For the past four months, 25-year-old Veronica Lourich has been chalking the images of groundbreaking individuals on the sidewalk near her Madison home. (Photo by Jessica VanEgeren)
For One Madison Woman, Chalk Art Is Her Activism

Veronica Lourich predominately sketches the images of women and members of the LGBTQ+ community that she never learned about in school.