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Photo distributed by McClain family
Colorado Is Reopening Investigation Into Horrifying Police Killing of Elijah McClain. Here’s What We Know.

In the video, Elijah McClain can be seen sobbing as he repeatedly tells officers, “I’m just different.” Samara McClain said her brother was a massage therapist who planned to go to college.

Evers on Toppled Statues: ‘Nonsensical’
Evers on Toppled Capitol Statues: ‘Defies Logic, Moves Us Backward’

Governor activates Wisconsin National Guard. Vos says no reform for months.

Freedom Inc. Posts Bail for 4 Black Inmates After Juneteenth March
Freedom Inc. Fund to Post Bail for 4 Black Inmates After Juneteenth March

Madison-based nonprofit continues getting Black men, women out of jail who are only there for lack of money to post bail.

Wisconsin's Largest City Poised to Defund the Police By $30 Million
Milwaukee PD Faces 10 Percent Cut

Budget reallocation ordered by veto-proof council majority

Milwaukee Orders Police To Develop An ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Policy
Milwaukee Orders Police to Develop an ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Policy

Police have ignored pleas of breathless, unarmed Black men, leading to their deaths.

How WI Got to Be Among the Worst: The Plague of Criminal Justice Disparities in Wisconsin
Part One: Justice in Wisconsin

How racism pervades Wisconsin's criminal justice system.

Racine Takes First Steps Toward Police Reform
Racine Takes First Steps Toward Police Reform

A bevy of actions announced, but none with immediate reformative effects.