The “Year of Mental Health”: What That Means, How Much It Costs, and Who It Helps 

While the past three years have been largely focused on physical health and COVID, Governor Tony Evers used this year’s State of the State address to shift the focus to mental health. Here's what that will mean for you.

Cheese is a Health Food, Says New Research

The average American eats 40 pounds of it a year. Even more in Wisconsin. But in case you needed an extra reason to indulge, research now shows cheese is also good for your health!

Why You Should Stop Using the Phrase “Committed Suicide”

Words matter. Especially when it comes to mental health. In Wisconsin, suicide is the ninth leading cause of death overall, and the second among 10 to 34-year-olds. One thing suicide is not? A choice.

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What’s the Difference Between HIV and AIDS—And Other Details You Don’t Know About the Transmissible Viruses

December is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month and we’re destigmatizing the still-deadly disease.

Stephanie with photo of her grandson Michael
Unhappy Holidays: When the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ Isn’t

For some, the holidays are one, long unhappy reminder of the people no longer with us. If you are among the millions feeling the void, you’ re not alone.

The Best Of: Wisconsin Health & Wellness in 2022

To borrow a line from Disney's Frozen, "for the first time in forever" every moment of 2022 was not defined by COVID. Instead, a large chunk of the year's health headlines was devoted to the overturning of reproductive options and its impact on Wisconsin women. But not all headlines were bad. Here are several "good news" standouts.

Pancreatic Cancer Rates are Rising: The Super Early Signs You Might Have It

At a time when overall cancer survival rates are rising and patient outcomes are improving, pancreatic cancer remains a stubborn outlier. Wisconsin doctors and researchers are working to change that.