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The Chazen Museum of Art

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By UpNorthNews Staff

May 7, 2024

Wisconsin offers a wide array of free attractions for visitors to enjoy. Explore the beauty of nature, delve into history, and immerse yourself in art without spending a dime. Let’s take a look at some of the top free places in Wisconsin that you won’t want to miss.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens: A Blooming Marvel in Madison

Discover a serene paradise right in the heart of Madison at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. This 16-acre wonderland of botanical diversity offers an immersive experience. The gardens are a vibrant tapestry of outdoor displays and the enchanting Bolz Conservatory, a tropical haven that houses an impressive collection of exotic plants. Each step through this botanical marvel reveals something new and exciting, from the meticulously designed landscapes to the awe-inspiring Thai Pavilion, a gift from the Thai Government and the only one of its kind in the continental United States.

Visitors are invited to meander through a myriad of garden styles; the Rose Garden boasts an array of colorful blooms with intoxicating fragrances, while the Perennial Garden offers a display of enduring beauty through the seasons. The Sunken Garden features an elegant reflecting pool, adding a peaceful element to the surrounding floral splendor. For those intrigued by less conventional plant life, the Rock Garden showcases alpine plants and hardy succulents thriving among the stony terrain.

The Olbrich Botanical Gardens ensures that everyone can visit and the paths through the gardens are wheelchair and stroller friendly, making it an inclusive environment for visitors of all ages and abilities. The outdoor gardens are entirely free, but there are exhibits that charge a fee, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly.

The Hank Aaron State Trail: Milwaukee’s Scenic Pathway

The Hank Aaron State Trail stretches 12 miles, making it an ideal spot for those who want to experience the best of both worlds. As you traverse the trail, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of Milwaukee’s skyline juxtaposed against the tranquil backdrop of the Menomonee River. The trail weaves through vibrant communities, historic industrial corridors, and lush green spaces, providing a varied and enriching experience.

One of the most captivating aspects of the trail is its accessibility and connectivity. It serves as a conduit, linking several major attractions in Milwaukee, including Miller Park, the Harley-Davidson Museum, and the Milwaukee Public Market. This connectivity not only makes the trail a practical route for commuting and exploration but also enhances the cultural and recreational experiences available to trail users.

The trail is a to Hank Aaron, one of baseball’s greatest legends and a trailblazer in the fight for racial equality. As you explore the trail, you’ll find educational markers and installations that celebrate his legacy, adding a meaningful layer to your journey. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the strides we’ve made in society while enjoying the physical strides you make along the path.

For nature enthusiasts, the trail offers ample opportunities to observe local wildlife and flora. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting various species that thrive along the waterway, and the changing seasons bring a dynamic array of colors and landscapes to admire. The trail’s natural beauty is a reminder of the importance of preserving these green spaces in urban environments.

The Hank Aaron State Trail offers a fulfilling and free experience, and it’s the perfect combination of natural and urban landscapes in Milwaukee.

Allen Centennial Garden: A Hidden Horticultural Haven in Madison

The Allen Centennial Garden is located within the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, and it’s a tranquil oasis amid the bustling city life. This public venue encourages exploration and education in the midst of nature’s beauty. Admission is free, making it an accessible escape for anyone looking to delve into the world of plants and landscaping.

The Allen Centennial Garden has a myriad of garden styles and plant collections that span various climates and regions. Each themed section offers a unique atmosphere, from the formal elegance of European designs to the wild beauty of native Wisconsin landscapes. The diversity of the garden’s flora ensures that every visit offers new sights and smells, with seasonal blooms adding to the garden’s ever-changing allure.

Art lovers will find themselves enchanted by the garden’s integration of art and nature. Sculptures and art installations dot the landscape, each piece thoughtfully placed to complement its surroundings. These artistic elements add another layer of discovery to the garden, inviting visitors to contemplate the interplay between human creativity and natural beauty.

For those seeking a moment of peace or inspiration, the Allen Centennial Garden offers secluded spots for reflection and relaxation.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary: Green Bay’s Animal Oasis

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay is an expansive 700-acre preserve. It’s a place of refuge and rehabilitation for local wildlife, and the sanctuary offers a rare chance to observe Wisconsin’s native creatures in a setting that both educates and inspires.

Winding through the sanctuary, visitors will find an array of trails that cater to all ages and abilities, each leading to different habitats where you can catch glimpses of deer grazing, foxes darting, and birds of all kinds soaring through the skies. The sanctuary is designed to bring you into close proximity with these animals while ensuring their natural behaviors are not disturbed, offering an authentic wildlife experience.

One of the sanctuary’s highlights is its Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a vital facility dedicated to the care and recovery of injured and orphaned animals. Here, guests can learn about the meticulous efforts involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, gaining insights into the challenges faced by these animals and the importance of conservation work. It’s a heartwarming experience to see the dedication of the staff and volunteers up close, emphasizing the sanctuary’s commitment to giving these creatures a second chance at life in the wild.

For those looking to contribute to The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission, opportunities abound to get involved, from volunteer positions to participating in conservation initiatives. It’s a rewarding way to give back to nature and ensure the sanctuary continues to thrive as a haven for wildlife and a resource for the community.

The Chazen Museum of Art: Exploring Artistic Wonders in Madison

Dive into the vibrant world of art without spending a dime at the Chazen Museum of Art, located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. This museum, free to all visitors, showcases an extensive collection that spans centuries and continents. As you stroll through the museum’s expansive galleries, you’ll encounter everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, each piece telling its own unique story.

The Chazen Museum of Art highlights works from Asia, Africa, and beyond, providing a panoramic view of the world’s artistic heritage.

The Chazen offers educational opportunities, with a variety of programs designed to engage visitors of all ages. Attend one of the museum’s guided tours to gain deeper insights into the artworks on display, or participate in an art workshop where you can unleash your own creativity. These experiences are designed to inspire and educate, making art accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or level of expertise.

One of the museum’s most compelling features is its commitment to fostering a community of art lovers. Special events, from artist talks to musical performances, take place throughout the year, bringing together people with a shared passion for the arts. These gatherings are not only entertaining but also offer a chance to dive deeper into the stories behind the art, connecting with others who share your interests.

The Chazen Museum of Art, with its wide-ranging collection, educational programs, and community events, provides an enriching cultural experience for all who walk through its doors.

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