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From Appleton to Austin and back, 24-year-old Julia Otis has been on the move since childhood. Now–she’s created a space she wish she had her whole life.

Julia Otis has moved 25 times. After landing in Texas in 2019, she once again found herself in a familiar situation: living in a new city, lonely, and looking to make friends. So, she opened Facebook and found a group offering exactly what she was looking for: girlfriends. Now that she’s back in Wisconsin, Julia decided to start one here.

Photo courtesy of Julia Otis

Cherita Booker, UpNorthNews Reporter: What inspired you to create “Wisconsin Girls Group”?

Julia Otis, Founder of Wisconsin Girls Group: Making friends after high school is hard. I have always loved to host, plan and provide recommendations, so I created a safe, respectful community for Wisconsinites to connect on Facebook! About a year and a half later, we’re almost at 3,000 members!

Cherita: How can women join the group?

Julia: It’s open to ladies 18 and older that live in Wisconsin, are moving to Wisconsin, or are living in a surrounding state. 

Photo courtesy of Julia Otis

Cherita: Once you’re in the group, what’s next?

Julia:  We set up polls for our members to vote on, and that’s how we decide on events in each region. We host monthly coffee or brunch meetups, themed parties, arts & crafts nights, dinners, lunches, and so much more! 

Cherita: What’s been the best part about the community you created?

Julia: The most special things are the connections and friendships that have come together and flourished. I love seeing familiar faces who travel to attend as many events as possible. 

Cherita: Have you made friends in the group, too?

Julia: Absolutely! More than I could have ever imagined. Our events typically have between four and 16 women at them. 

Photo courtesy of Julia Otis

Cherita: What events are coming up?
Julia: Right now, we have 12 events planned for May. At the beginning of every month, I share a “Monthly Events” post in the group, sharing all of the upcoming get-togethers in each part of the state. Follow our Facebook page for details.