ISO Friendship: How One Wisconsin Woman Is Using Facebook To Find Real Friends.

Julia Otis pictured bottom row, fourth from left

By Cherita Booker
May 5, 2023

From Appleton to Austin and back, 24-year-old Julia Otis has been on the move since childhood. Now–she’s created a space she wish she had her whole life.

Julia Otis has moved 25 times. After landing in Texas in 2019, she once again found herself in a familiar situation: living in a new city, lonely, and looking to make friends. So, she opened Facebook and found a group offering exactly what she was looking for: girlfriends. Now that she’s back in Wisconsin, Julia decided to start one here.

Photo courtesy of Julia Otis

Cherita Booker, UpNorthNews Reporter: What inspired you to create “Wisconsin Girls Group”?

Julia Otis, Founder of Wisconsin Girls Group: Making friends after high school is hard. I have always loved to host, plan and provide recommendations, so I created a safe, respectful community for Wisconsinites to connect on Facebook! About a year and a half later, we’re almost at 3,000 members!

Cherita: How can women join the group?

Julia: It’s open to ladies 18 and older that live in Wisconsin, are moving to Wisconsin, or are living in a surrounding state. 

Photo courtesy of Julia Otis

Cherita: Once you’re in the group, what’s next?

Julia:  We set up polls for our members to vote on, and that’s how we decide on events in each region. We host monthly coffee or brunch meetups, themed parties, arts & crafts nights, dinners, lunches, and so much more! 

Cherita: What’s been the best part about the community you created?

Julia: The most special things are the connections and friendships that have come together and flourished. I love seeing familiar faces who travel to attend as many events as possible. 

Cherita: Have you made friends in the group, too?

Julia: Absolutely! More than I could have ever imagined. Our events typically have between four and 16 women at them. 

Photo courtesy of Julia Otis

Cherita: What events are coming up?
Julia: Right now, we have 12 events planned for May. At the beginning of every month, I share a “Monthly Events” post in the group, sharing all of the upcoming get-togethers in each part of the state. Follow our Facebook page for details.


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