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Credit: Milwaukee with Kids
‘Inclusive Playgrounds’ are Spreading Across Wisconsin

There's only one path to enter to Kayla's Playground in Milwaukee and it passes under this sign: “This play area is designed for ALL kids ages 5-12, and up!”

Credit: Visit Milwaukee
4 Wisconsin Food Trucks to Celebrate National Food Truck Day

The 'holiday' is celebrated every year on the last Friday of June to encourage people to support the small businesses on wheels in their community.

Meet the Woman Making Wisconsin Buildings Brighter One Mural at a Time

Fresh off finishing a 95-foot mural on the side of a Janesville school, Emily Balsey shares her biggest projects, her proudest accomplishments, and the advice she’d give any aspiring artist.

This Wisconsin Woman Started Making & Hiding Little Hearts for Mental Health Awareness. Her Movement is Now Huge.

Last year, we introduced you to Kathleen Jensen, an Onalaska woman who launched The Little Heart Project, a mental health movement. Her project isn’t so “little” anymore!

WalletHub Ranked 392 American Sports Cities. Find Out Where 5 Wisconsin Towns Landed.

What makes a great sports town? The venues? The fans? The food? The bars? The options? The energy? WalletHub claims to have found the answer in its list of 2022's Best Sports Cities.

Need a Pep Talk? Advice? A Laugh? These Kids Have You Covered.

Dial 707-873-7862 and you WON'T be disappointed. This is the story behind the free national hotline created by elementary school students to make you smile!