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Put These 7 Wisconsin Festivals on Your Fall Calendar

From cranberry production to pumpkin carving contests, there's something for everyone!

(Photo courtesy Oktoberfest Chippewa Falls)
It’s Time to Put on the Lederhosen and Dirndls—Oktoberfest Is Here!

Wisconsin is filled with autumn festivals that celebrate beer, dancing, heritage, the harvest… or any other reasons to raise a stein.

Holstein Stoughton
A Local Fair Opens and Honors a Young Exhibitor Who Left a Legacy of Work and Kindness

The Stoughton Fair showcased the best parts of belonging to a fair family when the animal Ben Chadwick was going to show went up on the auction block without him.

Des Moines Taco Fest was deemed the "Fyre Festival" of taco festivals. Now, the organizers, who have left a trail of disappointed taco lovers across the country, are hosting a Madison festival this month. (Photo by Joe Raetz via Iowa Starting Line)
Tacos, Margaritas, Music: What Could Go Wrong? A Lot, Apparently.

AZ Food Festivals, organizer of Madison Taco Fest, has racked up complaints across the country and at least one state Attorney General is investigating.