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State Capitol abortion protest
The Post-Roe Future Is Now—and It’s Dangerous for Wisconsin Women

Wisconsin is getting national attention as the state’s pre-Civil War abortion ban forces women with life-threatening conditions to wait for doctors who have to wait for lawyers.

‘Nobody Ever Expects to Meet Me’: Planned Parenthood Doctor Explains What Her Job Is Really Like

Q & A with Dr. Allie Linton, Associate Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Wisconsin

Planned Parenthood Madison
Debunking Three of the Biggest Myths About Abortion

Women's health care is facing a legal assault from an activist Supreme Court—in part because of the volume of misinformation in the half-century since Roe v. Wade.

In this screen grab of video from WisconsinEye, Cameron Sholty (center) from the Heartland Institute and a former Capitol staffer and Bill Neville (right) from Rep. Chuck Wichgers’ (R-Muskego) office hold a conversation about two Democratic women during a break in a committee hearing.
‘Mean Girls’ Moment for GOP Staffer and Lobbyist Mocking Two Democratic Women on Live Video Feed

Whispers and chuckles while calling a legislator “ding-dong” and implying her staffer lacks “emotional capacity.”

Graphic via Rebecca Russ
Biden’s COVID Relief Plan Is a Huge Deal for Women. Here’s How.

Study after study has found that women, particularly women of color, have borne the brunt of the pandemic’s economic toll, losing jobs and leaving the workforce in alarming numbers.

(Illustration by Morgaine Ford-Workman)
This Isn’t Your Grandma’s ERA. Wisconsin Dems Go Big on a New Equal Rights Amendment.

State constitution would bar discrimination on the basis of gender as the original ERA, but also offer protection in many more ways.

Courier Newsroom illustration
Biden Has Detailed Plans That Could Help Women in America. Trump Has Nothing.

How the two campaigns differ on health policy, plans for child care, and violence against women.