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An absentee ballot for the upcoming presidential election. (Photo by Pat Kreitlow)
What Happens to Your Ballot if You Die After Voting Absentee in Wisconsin

Some states count dead voters’ ballots, while others discard them.

Robert Spindell, left, and Dean Knudson, two Republican members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Tuesday opposed spending $750,000 in remaining federal coronavirus relief funds on a voter-education advertisement campaign. They say they did not want any money going toward social media platforms, Google, or newspapers that aren't "neutral." (Screenshot)
GOP Election Commissioners Vote Against Spending Extra $750,000 on Voter-Education Ads

Commissioner says he “would rather send [federal money] back to the Federal Treasury” than run a social media ad campaign running up to the election.

President Donald Trump used time during the first presidential debate with Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden to tell his supporters to go watch what is happening at polling sites Election Day. (Olivier Douliery/Pool vi AP)
Poll Workers Are Preparing for Trump-Inspired Voter Intimidation

Voters, poll workers, and law enforcement have various tools to prevent voter intimidation.

Buttons, T-shirts, and signs showing support for candidates is not allowed when casting your ballot in Wisconsin. 
“Nobody’s gonna say, ‘Go home and change your shirt,’” said one election official. “Nobody should be doing that, but expect that [poll workers] are gonna hustle you in and hustle you out as soon as possible.” (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
No, You’re Not Allowed to Wear Political Clothing at Polls

Your constitutional right comes with responsibilities, including not broadcasting political views while waiting to vote.

A voter in Wauwatosa casts a ballot on November 6, 2018. (Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images)
In-Person and Mail-In Voting Are Both Safe in Wisconsin, Elections Commission Head Says

Wisconsin election official says voters need not be concerned about voter fraud.

Alyssa Van Duyse donned protective gear, including an N95 mask, to be a polling place worker in Chippewa Falls during the spring election. She is working Election Day, too. Many cities were short election poll workers in April, including Green Bay. (Contributed photo )
‘The Risk Is Worth the Reward’: Wisconsin Poll Workers Commit to Working in November

The workers who staff polling places despite COVID-19 concerns.

Milwaukee's Charles Allis Art Museum served as a polling station on Aug. 11. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Early In-Person Voting Starts Tuesday. Here’s How It’s Done.

Filling out an absentee ballot at your local clerk's office saves several steps.