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Graphic by Desiree Tapia
Here’s Who’s Supporting (and Spending Big for) the Candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Janet Protasiewciz’s backers include supporters of reproductive freedom, labor unions, and pro-democracy organizations. Dan Kelly’s supporters include right-wing billionaires, election deniers, and anti-abortion rights groups.

Abortion rights supporters rally at the Bigger Than Roe National Mobilization March in the rotunda of the Capital in Madison, on January 22, 2022. (Photo by Sara Stathas for The Washington Post via Getty Images)
What Life Was Like When Wisconsin’s 1849 Abortion Ban Was Passed

Should women in Wisconsin have their reproductive freedom dictated by a law that was passed 174 years ago, when life was almost completely unrecognizable to those of us living today?

Protesters make their way to the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda during a march supporting overturning Wisconsin's near total ban on abortion Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023, in Madison, Wis. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)
Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Could Decide Fate of the State’s 1849 Abortion Ban.

If pro-choice candidate Janet Protasiewicz wins on April 4, the state’s extreme abortion ban—which makes no exceptions for cases of rape or incest—could be struck down, making abortion legal again. If anti-abortion judge Dan Kelly wins, he’d almost certainly be a vote to uphold the 1849 ban.

FILE - In this Nov. 16, 2016 file photo, Federalist Society Executive Vice President Leonard Leo speaks to media at Trump Tower in New York. Leo is advising President Donald Trump on his Supreme Court nominee.  (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
Man Who Helped Overturn Roe Comes to Wisconsin Supreme Court Race, Which Will Decide Abortion Rights

Leonard Leo ensured Donald Trump appointed Supreme Court judges who would overturn Roe. Now, Leo is turning his attention to Wisconsin's Supreme Court's race.

‘Courts Are About People’: Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Election Will Play a Major Role in the Rights of its Residents

Judge Chris Taylor, a former legislator who’s running for the Court of Appeals, is reminding voters of the many issues that come before state Supreme Court justices and the impact they have on protecting, expanding, or removing your rights.

From Banned to Beautiful–How Madison Transformed Its Defunct Dropboxes into Purposeful Public Art

After a controversial state Supreme Court decision, Madison rehires original artist to turn 14 dropboxes into art, with information on how to vote.

drop box
State Justices Strike Down Drop Boxes While Perpetuating Untrue Conspiracy Theories About the 2020 Election

Conservatives debate the definitions of a box and determine a mailbox is allowed, while a secure, convenient drop box is not.