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Where is “Up North”?

It's in our name, but we get it: it's confusing. While UpNorthNews covers all of Wisconsin, "Up North" is a specific geographic spot within our state. But WHERE exactly? That's up for debate...

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From the Editor—Thanks for Making Our First Year a Success

UpNorthNews launched one year ago to highlight Wisconsin people, places, issues, and all the things that make our state worth caring for.

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A New, Old-School Way to Tell Us What’s On Your Mind

New option lets you answer our online questions by phone instead of a Facebook post or email.

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Wisconsin’s New Digital Newspaper in Your Inbox

The country is looking Up North for News in 2020. You just have to check your email.

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Welcome to UpNorthNews

Welcome to your new source for stories on Wisconsin’s most important issues and most interesting people.